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20 Best Fruit Pizza Recipes

20 Best Fruit Pizza Recipes

Fruit pizza is a fun spin on a family favorite perfect for creating vibrant, playful desserts. Beautiful, healthy, and often quick to assemble, fruit pizzas are a great option to serve at a family picnic, potluck, or backyard barbecue.

These are a special treat in the summer, as many of the recipes for fruit pizza require no cooking and can be served cold or at room temperature. 

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1. This gooey sugar cookie-based fruit pizza results in a spectacular dessert ready to be the centerpiece of your summertime picnic table.

A sweet strawberry pizza served with fresh strawberries and cookies.

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Stunning and remarkably simple, this fruit pizza begins on an oversized sugar cookie left slightly underdone, so it stays nice and gooey. A sweetened cream cheese base is smeared over the top. Top with your favorite sliced fruits, arranged in simple patterns, to create a beautiful dessert that would serve as a stellar centerpiece to any summer table.

The author uses mango, kiwi, blueberries, grapes, and strawberries, but you can get creative with your toppings. 

2. A sheet pan-sized cookie plus a tangy, buttery cream cheese frosting make for a delightful fruit pizza.

A pan-sized creamy fruit pizza served with berries on top.

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A sheet-pan-sized sugar cookie serves as the perfect base for this fruit pizza. A beautifully balanced cream cheese frosting, made with a touch of butter and a smidgen of sour cream to boost the creamy, tangy flavor, is smeared on top.

The author suggests colorful rows of fruit for a striking design. Or work with kids to create creative and innovative designs and turn your dessert into a family art project. 

3. An autumn-themed fruit pizza layered with fall fruits over a pumpkin sugar cookie crust offers a unique take on the classic dessert.

A fall-themed apple pizza with greeneries and sliced apples.

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While fruit pizzas most often show up on the summer table, there’s plenty of delicious abundance in the fall to utilize for a stunning dessert that uses favorite fall flavors.

This one starts with a pumpkin sugar cookie crust, layered with a rich cream cheese frosting and piled with cooked apples, pears, tart cherries, and a dusting of chopped candied pecans for a delightful crunch. 

4. A cinnamon-sugar pizza crust smeared with honey-infused cream cheese loaded with fresh fruit and chocolate chips makes for a tasty fruit pizza.

A sweet cinnamon-sugar pizza loaded with fresh fruit.

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A pre-baked pizza crust is prevented from a soggy fate with a delicious layer of cinnamon-sugared butter and baked until the sugar caramelizes into a delightful crust. Honey-infused cream cheese is whipped to an airy consistency and spread over the cooled crust. Layer up your favorite fruits and sprinkle with chocolate chips for a perfect finish. 

5. Canned pizza dough helps reduce prep time on this kid-friendly fruit pizza. 

A pizza crust in a can with fruit toppings.

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Canned pizza dough is stretched out over a pizza pan and baked while you prep the fruit and blend sugar and vanilla into the cream cheese to create the sweet, creamy frosting. 

Once the crust cools, layer the frosting and toss your family’s favorite fruits over the top. The author uses kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, and bananas. If you use bananas, put them on after the chilling process because bananas oxidize quickly. 

6. A fruit juice glaze elevates the simple fruit pizza into elegant edible artwork. 

Close up photo of delicious fruit glazed pizza.

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The author offers up tons of helpful advice on how to customize and swap ingredients in this simple yet stunning fruit pizza recipe. While she provides a tasty recipe for the sugar cookie crust, she also offers time-saving tips like using store-bought dough.

From suggestions on what kind of fruit to changes in the glaze to achieve different flavor profiles, this is a versatile recipe for those who like to try something a little different every time. 

7. Under a tasty, glistening citrus glaze, this quick and affordable fruit pizza uses a sugar cookie crust. 

Top view look of a pizza full of fruit toppings with citrus glaze on the table napkin.

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Baked on a thin sugar cookie crust, the cream cheese frosting in this fruit pizza gets a lime zest kick for a little tang. The fruit is arrayed on top and drizzled with a tasty citrus glaze for a serious flavor boost, then chilled. Kid-friendly and a wow-worthy table centerpiece.  

8. Simply stunning, this fruit pizza layers strawberries under a luxurious strawberry glaze. 

A beautiful sight of strawberry glazed pizza in plate on a wooden table.

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While many fruit pizza recipes elect for the delight of different colors and textures from a variety of fruits, this one takes a simpler route to create a lovely dessert that’s perfect for the strawberry lovers in your life.

It starts with a simple sugar cookie crust, the author uses a pre-made cookie dough to save time, slathered with a simple cream cheese frosting, dotted with strawberry halves coated in a thick layer of strawberry glaze.

If you wanted to amplify the strawberry flavor, you could incorporate dehydrated strawberry dust into the cream cheese frosting, which makes it tarter and brings a vibrant pink hue to the frosting. 

9. A no-bake graham cracker crust gives a tasty twist to the classic fruit pizza. 

Close up shot of a homemade strawberry pizza graham crust.

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Created in a tart pan, this fruit pizza begins with a crunchy, slightly spiced layer of no-bake graham cracker crust. A thick layer of cream cheese blended with whipped cream, slightly sweetened, is smeared over the top and left to chill in the fridge for a few hours before getting a generous helping of diced fruit and sweetened, shredded coconut. 

A great combination of textures and flavors makes this fruit pizza variation a keeper. 

10. Lorna Doone Cookies and a thick layer of pre-made strawberry glaze help this memorable strawberry fruit pizza come together quickly. 

A photo of homemade strawberry cake and a bowl of strawberries.

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Similar to a graham cracker crust, the base of this strawberry pizza is formed with crushed Lorna Doone cookies, butter, and sugar pressed into the bottom of a rimmed pizza pan and baked.

A layer of cream cheese frosting, blended with powdered sugar, vanilla, and cool whip, is piled on thickly. Sliced strawberries dot the top beneath a layer of pre-made strawberry glaze. After refrigeration, this strawberry pizza is almost too pretty to eat but too tasty to refuse. 

11. An afternoon (after school) snack-sized fruit pizza, ready in minutes. 

Close up photo of graham crust fruit dessert on a white room background.

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Starting with a simple graham cracker, this fruit pizza is created by using a generous smear of your favorite topping. Nutella, cream cheese, or strawberry cream cheese work great. Sliced strawberries, mandarin slices, blueberries, thinly sliced apples, sliced or diced kiwi, or whatever other fruit your hungry belly or hangry child craves go on top.

It comes together quickly and makes for a decadently tasty and healthy snack. 

12. Edible flowers and fresh herbs share space with fresh fruit over coconut cream on a coconut shortbread crust to create this spectacular tropical fruit pizza. 

A photo of sliced summe snack tropical fruit pizza.

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Gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free, this delicious treat is as healthy as it is gorgeous. The shortbread uses both coconut oil and coconut flour to boost the flavor of that tropical fruit, alongside maple syrup, for a hint of sweetness. The whipped cream blends maple syrup and coconut cream together for a tasty, fluffy frosting.

Over this, mango, kiwi, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and pineapple are layered alongside edible flowers and mint leaves. 

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13. This fruit pizza is a stunning floral arrangement bursting with tropical flavors between the fruit and the pineapple pudding sauce on its crust. 

Close up half photo of a tropical fruit pizza isolated in a white background.

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A simple sugar cookie crust holds aloft a delicious sauce made out of pineapple pudding. Over this, fresh papaya forms the outer petals of the tropical flower the fruit paints on top.

Sliced rounds of kiwi come next, followed by thin slices of pineapple, while juicy mango forms the center. Another fruit pizza that is almost too pretty to eat. 

14. Watermelon is a perfect summer fruit, but it doesn’t usually work on a fruit pizza – unless you make it the crust like in this healthy variation.

Close up photo of a thick crusted sliced watermelon pizza with blueberries, banana, and herbs for toppings.

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Complete in as little as 10 minutes; this pizza is formed with a thick slice of juicy watermelon to serve as the crust for the fruit pizza. A drizzle of whipped cream and cream cheese frosting with a tangy boost from freshly squeezed lemon juice acts as the sauce.

Over this, layer up blueberries and raspberries for a tasty summer treat that’s healthy even for those following a keto or low-carb diet. 

15. Another spin on the watermelon pizza, this one comes together in just fifteen minutes.

A photo of a fruity watermelon pizza with many various topping in every sliced isolated in a skyblue colorway background.

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With a cool whip and whipped cream frosting sweetened with powdered sugar and a hint of vanilla, this fruit pizza is loaded with flavor.

Using a thick slice of watermelon for a crust, you can create individual pizza variations with smaller watermelons. Load the creamy pieces up with sliced strawberries, peaches, kiwi, and blueberries. Or your own blend of favorite fruits. 

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16. A classic sugar cookie and cream fruit pizza ready in less than half an hour.

Zoom in photo of a classic cookie wirt cream cheese frosting fruit pizza with various fruit toppings.

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A pre-made sugar cookie dough helps cut down on prep time for this classic fruit pizza. The author uses two for a party-sized dessert, but for a smaller family, a single package is plenty.

The whipped cream and cream cheese frosting has just a touch of vanilla and a generous portion of powdered sugar, so expect a fluffy, sweet layer beneath the pile of fresh fruit on top. You will need to chill this dessert for at least an hour before it’s ready for the table. 

17. Glazed with apple jelly, this simple berry fruit pizza pie is an affordable, tasty keeper for your dessert menu.

Four pieces of berry fruit pizza pie with main toppings of strawberries, black berries and blue berries.

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Pre-made sugar cookie dough, baked on a parchment-lined pizza pan, holds aloft a delicious frosting blended with lemon zest, sugar, cream cheese, and vanilla.

The fluffy topping hosts a mix of blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries. Glazed with apple jelly or strawberry jelly, if you prefer, it rests in the fridge for an hour to produce a stunning and tasty finish to your meal. 

18. With a chewy, classic pizza crust loaded with berries atop a creamy cheesecake drizzled with a cinnamon-infused vanilla glaze, this unique take on fruit pizza is a solid pleaser.

The unique fruit pizza with berries atop a creamy cheesecake drizzled with vanilla cream.

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While it takes a little more time than most of the recipes on this list, the end result is a delicious dessert pizza that won’t soon be forgotten. The crust is perfectly chewy beneath a thick layer of cheesecake topping baked right over the top.

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Fresh berries are piled on and drizzled with a cinnamon-infused vanilla glaze. However, it would be worth taking the author’s suggestion and swapping the vanilla for an almond extract for a truly delightful dessert. 

19. Brown-sugar glazed and grilled pineapple make this rustic fruit pizza, drizzled with caramel and sprinkled with toasted pecans, worth trying as soon as possible.

Grilled pineapple pizza with fruit toppings drizzled with caramel syrup.

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Piled over a handmade, grilled pizza crust, this fruit pizza gets a layer of brown sugar and cinnamon-infused whipped cream frosting. Fresh pineapple is coated in brown sugar and cinnamon and grilled until the sugar starts to caramelize.

Caramel sauce, toasted pecans, and fresh mint are sprinkled over the top. It’s a rustic take on the classic fruit pizza that is bursting with decadent flavor. 

20. With a tropical twist, this pineapple and passion fruit pizza features plump raisins and chopped pistachios over a fat-free spread loaded with fresh fruit.

With a tropical twist, this pineapple and passion fruit pizza features plump raisins and chopped pistachios over a fat-free spread loaded with fresh fruit.

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A thin crust pizza creates the base for this healthier take on a fruit pizza. Fat-free cream cheese is blended with a bit of sugar and vanilla extract to create a creamy, fluffy layer of sauce—sliced bananas, pineapple, apricots, berries, honeydew, and cherries. Once the fruit are layered over the top, chopped pistachios and raisins are sprinkled over the top.