Best Parmesan Cheese 2020 – Review and Buying Guide

best store bought parmesan cheese

Parmigiano-Reggiano is an Italian cheese that is commonly known as parmesan cheese. This cheese is produced from cow’s milk, and it is aged one year or more to develop the perfect taste, and this is exactly why this cheese is slightly on the expensive side. Outside the EU, the name … Read more

Best Jarred Marinara Sauce Review 2020

We are here to delight you with some mouth-watering features of a rich blend of tomato, garlic, onion, and sassy herbs that make your food look like it’s walking on a royal red carpet. That’s how sexy these jarred marinara sauces are! Well, Hello, Foodies! Just like how a flowy … Read more

Best Microwave with Pizza Oven – Review and Buying Guide

Best Microwave with Pizza Oven

Look into any kitchen, and you’ll find a microwave. This appliance has become an essential need for our kitchens due to its versatility and multiple functions. Some of the cooking options available in microwaves these days are heating, defrosting, reheating, cooking, baking, grilling, and much more. Microwaves that come with … Read more

Best Toaster Ovens for Frozen Pizza in 2020 – Reviewed

Best Toaster Ovens for Frozen Pizza

Toaster ovens have come a long way and can cook everything from turkey to cakes. They are versatile due to its compact design and energy-saving attributes. Since they preheat quickly, toaster ovens can be used to make frozen pizzas or reheat frozen leftovers. Apart from frozen pizzas, toaster ovens can … Read more

Best Pellet Smokers 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Pellet Smokers

The delicious BBQ chicken is often a top favourite food item for most of us. And if you love the aromatic flavour that they bring with it, then you should consider getting yourself a pellet smoker. Pellet smokers or the grills are great in bringing about the exact savoury flavour … Read more

Weber Spirit vs Genesis

weber spirit e-310 vs genesis e-310

If grilling is what is in your mind, then buying Weber products is a good idea, since the brand is the King of grills. However, dealing with the Weber spirit vs. genesis debate leaves a lot of buyers confused like it happens between Weber performer premium and deluxe grills. Naturally, … Read more

Louisiana Grills Champion Review

Louisiana Grills Champion Review

Cooking at home is fun. Especially when we are cooking some special dishes like fresh, delicious topped pizzas with an extra dash of cheese (provolone or mozzarella) on it. Though you might feel it is difficult to cook a restaurant-style pizza at home, there is nothing difficult if you have … Read more

Difference between Marinara and Pizza sauce

pizza sauce vs marinara sauce

While there are a lot of ingredients that go into making the perfect pizza, the sauce that you are using plays a highly important role in terms of the taste of your pizza. It is the primary source of all the spices and flavours that you get on your pizza. … Read more

Can you use Wax Paper in the Oven

Can you use Wax Paper in the Oven

If you’ve pursued baking as ever baked something like a cake, biscuits, pizza, or any other bakery item, then you must know the struggles of these items sticking to the baking sheet inside the oven. Subsequently, it’s only natural of you to have tried these papers to line your baking … Read more