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23 Best Homemade Pizza Recipes

23 Best Homemade Pizza Recipes

For every type of pizza, there is a time and place. New York Style pizza sold thin, by the slice, and dripping with cheese is great for a night on the town snack. Meanwhile, Chicago deep dish fulfills that desire for a big meal and all delivery pizzas are great when you want something fast and easy.

However, when you want something wholesome, a pizza that is made with quality ingredients and one that fills the whole home with delicious smells, then you want a homemade pizza.

This list of homemade pizzas may feel like they run the gambit of every style and type imaginable, but there is a big commonality. All of the homemade pizza recipes on this list are going to involve ingredients you will readily have on hand or are otherwise easy to grab, and are fast to prep and make. We hope you enjoy!

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23 Best Homemade Pizza Recipes

1. If you have a ton of bacon you need to use, then you will love this homemade maple apple, blue cheese, and bacon pizza that will clear out your fridge in the most delicious way.

Zoom in photo of a Maple apple, blue cheese and bacon pizza in the ultimate bacon pizza overload.

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This Maple Apple, Blue Cheese, and Bacon recipe have only six ingredients, and the list does not include pizza sauce. You will start with your choice of store-bought or homemade pizza dough, but atop it goes thinly sliced apples, garlic cloves, pre-cooked bacon, and blue cheese. Everything goes into the oven for just 10 minutes (or until cheese and crust are at your desired look), adding a nice drizzle of maple syrup as the finishing touch. 

2. Speaking of bacon and breakfast, let’s add one less difficult homemade breakfast pizza to the start of this list!

Zoom in photo of a delicious breakfast pizza with fresh sunny side uo eggs in the middle with herb leaves.

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This homemade pizza recipe comes with its own dough recipe that you can follow for an all-in-house meal. Make sure to complete the pre-bake instructions regardless of which dough you choose as getting the crust closer to being ready before you add the toppings is important here because you don’t want to overbake your eggs.

That’s right, this homemade breakfast pizza includes cracking eggs along with other delicious breakfast ingredients right atop the crust. 

3. This next homemade pizza is called the Thanksgiving leftover pizza, but you really might find yourself copying it with all types of leftovers, all through the year.

Close up photo of the Thanksgiving left over pizza with the ingredients on the side.

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The Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza is the perfect dish to make and serve when you are otherwise feeling tired of all the extra turkey in your fridge after the big feast. As written, this delicious homemade pizza recipe features turkey, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and even cranberry sauce. Sweet, salty, and savory, you’ll love this Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza every time you need clean out that fridge. 

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4. There is a big ingredient missing on that above leftover Thanksgiving pizza, the good news is this one absolutely has it.

Close up photo of a sliced Thanksgiving Leftover pizza with mashed potatoesand turkey with catsup sauce.

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Sweet potatoes are nice, but they are no Thanksgiving match for your standard mashed potatoes and gravy or stuffing. For those who can’t have turkey without mashed potatoes smothered in gravy, this Leftover Thanksgiving Pizza is perfect for you. This recipe goes through both how to make the dough and the pizza itself and is a perfect choice for those who like those higher-carb Thanksgiving treats of stuffing and potatoes. 

5. This homemade pizza recipe could also be called an easy homemade snack recipe as it offers a fast way to enjoy delicious snack-worthy pizza sticks.

Zoom in photo of a three pizza sticks with small bowl of catsup sauce in a plate.

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This delicious snack item is easy to make, and the recipe includes popular ingredients that you can get in just about any grocery store, corner market, and even large pharmacy. It’s the perfect homemade pizza idea when you want to do something fast, something cheap, and, of course, something easy.

The recipe as written features processed crescent roll dough as the crust, but you could use your own pizza dough as long as you roll it very thin. 

6. Choose this meat lovers pizza recipe when you want a mouth-watering homemade pizza crust, sauce, and toppings boasting all the meats.

Zoom in photo of homemade meat pizza with various toppings.

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While this homemade recipe might be the enemy of our vegetarian friends, it is quite delicious and could very well go head-to-head with any of your local pizzeria’s meat lovers’ versions. This recipe results in a pizza simply overloaded with sausage, pepperoni, and bacon. However, what makes this recipe truly shine is the perfectly seasoned, easy-to-make homemade sauce that is also outlined here.

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Vegetarians you might even find yourself wanting to copy the sauce at least!

7. This next homemade pizza recipe is a bit of an opposite as it features no pizza sauce at all but rather a nice layer of small tomatoes.

Close up photo of a sliced tomatoe pizza with only tomatoe and basil toppings on a chopping board.

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This delicious homemade pizza recipe does taste very similar to a traditional pizza but instead of layering the dough with sauce, you will layer it with halved grape, cherry, or roman tomatoes that have been tossed in a special herbal mix. Add the tomato halves atop your dough, throw it in the oven for ten minutes, and only then will you add your extra toppings like cheese and olives for a final bake.

It’s a unique recipe but a great choice for those who either don’t have tomato sauce or otherwise don’t like how overwhelming it can taste on a pizza. 

8. Keep things simple and basic with a tomato white pizza recipe.

Zoom in photo of a white tomatoe pizza with parsley pesto dazzle.

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This recipe might be the best standard recipe for the most basic of homemade pizza pies — but we don’t mean that as a bad thing. This is a fantastic recipe that will show you how to build up a good pizza, measure out the ingredients, and properly bake the whole thing with the right recipe.

If you struggle with complex recipes and want to have a simple staple recipe that you can build on, this simple tomato white pizza homemade pizza is just for you. 

9. This pepperoni recipe is another fantastic beginner homemade pizza recipe, but one that goes through every step in better detail.

Close up photo of a sliced homemade cheese and pepperoni pizza.

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This wonderful homemade pepperoni pizza recipe does it all. It comes with a homemade dough recipe, a homemade sauce recipe, and a step-by-step preparation and baking recipe. But what is really cool about this recipe is that it includes recommendations for how you should bake your pizza (ie pizza stone vs. par-baking) depending upon how you like your final crust and cheese to taste.

It’s another good recipe to follow when you’re first getting started making your pizzas at home. 

10. Forget other toppings, stick with the basics; stick with the best via this quick and easy five-cheese pizza.

A photo of sliced five cheese pizza on wooden table.

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This homemade pizza recipe is all about cheese. Follow it when you want a gooey pizza dripping with delicious melted cheese. The recipe here includes mozzarella, sharp cheddar, gouda, Parmesan, and provolone cheese but feel free to swap your own favorites where desired. You will also find an easy pizza dough recipe included here that includes just six ingredients plus water. 

11. Step aside sausage, it is mushrooms that take center stage on this homemade pizza!

Close up view of mushroom pizza with ultimate topppings.

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Mushrooms are one of those foods that people seem to either hate or love. If you are in the love category, then this is a fantastic homemade pizza recipe to try. Now, there are plenty of great mushroom pizza recipes out there is a good one to start with as it offers a nice array of tips to help you get the most out of your pizza baking journey.

Interestingly though, this is one of the few mushroom pizzas that does not include garlic.

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12. Choose a healthier option with a homemade salad pizza recipe that features a light crust piled high with greens. 

Close up photo of a sliced salad pizza ultimate toppings.

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Forget large salad bowls, enjoy your favorite fresh greens and salad toppings atop a crispy homemade pizza bowl. This fantastic recipe details how best to set up your crust, build up a delicious olive oil and wine vinegar-based dressing, and mix up the right toppings. Note that this crispy, refreshing pizza does come with a lot of toppings including pepperoncini, salami, roasted red peppers, and radicchio.

In other words, this is a homemade pizza you will need to plan for. 

13. Ok, so you choose pizza because it isn’t full of greens. We get that. Check out this delicious and easy homemade grandma pie pizza.

A full view of delectable grndma pie pizza on wooden table.

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Grandma pie pizza is a classic style of homemade pizza. This thick pie starts with a thin and crispy crust baked within a square pan. But what makes this type of pizza really unique is that you start with a hefty cheese topping and over that, drizzle on tomato sauce and your desired herbs.

This homemade pizza recipe is a good one to start with thanks to it keeping things simple with only five ingredients. But simple doesn’t mean basic here! This is a delicious homemade pizza pie that the family will be asking for seconds on. 

14. Once you’ve mastered the basics of how to bake a grandma pie, check out this spicier homemade pizza upgrade. 

Top view shot of spicy grandma pizza pie on a tray.

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There are as many ways to bake a grandma pie as any other pizza. Once you’ve mastered the basics of the above homemade mozzarella grandma pie recipe and found out for yourself just how delicious it is, consider moving on to spicier recipes like this one that features fresh kale, lemon ice, ricotta, red pepper, and more.

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15. How about a pizza sauce replacement? Check out this delicious and vegetarian-friendly tomato and pesto homemade pizza recipe.

Top view photo of tomato and pesto pizza.

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This tasty homemade pesto pizza recipe is wonderfully easy and includes side recipes for how to make your own homemade pizza dough and even a simple fresh pesto recipe. Once you have the pizza dough and pesto sauce ready, it’s a simple 20-minute process to throw on the toppings and bake your homemade pizza pie to perfection. 

16. If you are in need of a Game Day snack, check out this finger-licking buffalo chicken homemade pizza recipe. 

A full view of homemade buffalo chicken pizza on white cloth.

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You don’t even have to like sports to enjoy Game Days as they bring people together and offer a good excuse to try exciting new dishes and recipes like this homemade buffalo chicken pizza recipe. It’s made best with roasted chicken, but you can also easily substitute chicken you’ve thrown into the air fryer and cooked to temperature.

You can also substitute your favorite hot sauce (this recipe uses Frank’s) to create that perfect buffalo chicken taste for you and your group. 

17. Before we move on, let’s do one more homemade buffalo chicken recipe, this time with ranch dressing include.

Close up photo of delectable bufallo ranch pizza on a bright room.

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This homemade buffalo chicken recipe is a good one for those who want to stick more with the basics as it features a can of refrigerated Pillsbury Classic Crust Pizza crust as the base. You will begin this recipe by unrolling that dough and baking it for nine minutes in order to start with a partially baked foundation.

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While this bakes, this homemade recipe has you mix together the chicken, wing sauce, and ranch dressing. This gets evenly poured onto the crust and topped with bacon, shredded cheese, and pickled jalapeno chiles. 

18. Forget ordering takeout, once you have this homemade supreme pizza, you will be hooked on your own in-house pizzas!

A delectable image of supreme pizza hot homemade.

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Sure, you could spend money on takeout pizza but why bother when you can make your own version of the popular supreme pizza that gets made with fresher ingredients?

A pizza you can customize any way you want? Get started now with this premier homemade supreme pizza recipe that outlines all that you need and makes space for your own additions. Like choosing your favorite fresh olives over the canned version!

19. Nix the bagels and lick your lips for this delicious smoked salmon pizza. 

A photo of sliced Salmon Pizza with garlic and cheese on wooden table with knife.

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You might think of this as another type of breakfast pizza for those who forgo the bacon and choose instead an everything bagel topped with cream cheese and smoked salmon. This delicious pizza takes that idea and really runs with it so that you can enjoy a homemade salmon lox pizza any day of the week, and for any meal of the day.

This exciting pizza recipe features smoked salmon as the star ingredient but also includes sliced cucumbers, crushed pepper flakes, and capers.

20. Now for another delicious take on a favorite food: Homemade taco pizza.

A delectable homemade taco pizza with sauce.

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Okay, yes, tacos in and of themselves are quite delicious, but what if you could enjoy them in another way? Like instead of a soft or hard shell, how about we put those favorite taco toppings atop a crispy crust? This homemade taco pizza recipe does just that!

This spicy homemade taco recipe features refried beans, ground beef, cheddar cheese, and onions. It also leaves room for you to add your own desired toppings like black olives, tomatoes, and iceberg lettuce. 

21. If you’re looking for something different, something really different, consider this delicious and yet easy-to-make homemade Thai sweet chili pork pizza.   

Full view photo of sweet chili pork pizza on wooden table.

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This delicious homemade pizza pie offers a nice blend of sweet and spicy thanks to the use of a homemade Thai chili sauce (recipe included) that you will use as a replacement for a tomato red sauce. This homemade pizza recipe also includes shredded pork and tons of mozzarella cheese.

 22. Pasta lovers will appreciate this creamy homemade chicken alfredo pizza. 

Top view image of chicken alfredo pizza on wooden table with tomato and basil.

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It’s an age-old argument on whether pizza is an Italian dish, but while we can’t piece out that one, we can say this chicken alfredo pizza is a wonderful Italian pasta take on pizza. This homemade pizza recipe results in a soft and chewy pizza crust that perfectly soaks in that homemade creamy alfredo sauce.

This homemade pizza recipe shows how to make everything from scratch, so make sure you start early in order to enjoy this savory meal in time. While you don’t have to include the bacon included in this recipe on your own pizza, we recommend it thanks to the heartier and more flavorful taste it results in.  

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23. For the last homemade pizza recipe on our list, let’s go with something unique and tasty and perfect when you want something different: Shrimp scampi pizza.

Top view of Shrimp scampi pizza on tray.

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Maybe it was the aforementioned homemade chicken alfredo pizza that got us thinking of other pasta and pizza combinations, but even still, this homemade shrimp scampi pizza is another savory and filling homemade pizza inspired by pizza. You can use your own homemade pizza dough or follow the recipe’s link to their own pizza dough recipe.

Separate from the dough, you will want to sauté the shrimp with butter, garlic, and red pepper flakes. The pre-cooked shrimp mix and lemon butter garlic sauce get poured over the spread-out dough, then topped with cheese. Once these steps are done, baking is fast and easy with just ten minutes within 500 degrees Fahrenheit oven recommended.