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Top Commercial Dough Mixers You Can Buy

Top Commercial Dough Mixers You Can Buy

Mixing, kneading, mashing, whipping or churning; with a commercial dough mixer added to your arsenal, these tasks are well taken care of. For a busy commercial kitchen, a heavy-duty dough mixer works as an extra pair of arms that are trained to precisely follow laborious and repetitive movements. It can’t be denied that using your own hands for mixing dry or wet ingredients for a large prep can be gruesome and tiring on its own; let alone the fine adjustments needed in speed and technique for the batter/mixture to come out just right. In such cases of commercial applications, it’s best to invest in a commercial dough mixer.

These are known to be robust in construction and meticulous at this rather tiring task. Introducing one to a restaurant kitchen could virtually sweep away half the hardships involved in baking those specialty breads, pastries, cookies or pizzas! If you’ve been looking for one all this while but are puzzled with the many options available, this guide narrows it down to the ultimate 5 that are well worth every penny they’re available for. Presenting you, the Best Commercial Dough Mixers for restaurants and commercial applications.

Top 5 Commercial Pizza Dough Mixer

1st Place
KitchenAid KSM8990DP By KitchenAid
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Best Value
Wolf Gourmet Mixer WGSM100S By Wolf Gourmet
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3 KITMA 20 Quart Commercial Stand Mixer By KITMA
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4 Happybuy Commercial Food Mixer By Happybuy
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5 Hakka Dough Mixer – DN60B Mixer By Hakka Brothers
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As you can tell by the name, a dough mixer machine is simply a tool for mixing up the dough. And since these are so handy for saving your time, they get used in both homes as well as commercial places like restaurants where a lot of dough needs to be mixed.

But because these mixers are so handy and famous, there is a wide range of options out there. Although, after trying out many options, we are here with some of the best dough mixers. If you are also looking for a dough mixer, you can simply pick up one of the following:

1. KitchenAid KSM8990DP

The KitchenAid KSM89990DP is one of the most popular options out there and has a high user rating because of the various options and features it offers to the user. It has a capacity or size rating of 8 quarts that is quite good for most home users out there. This is possible due to its large stainless steel bowl that has a bowl-lift design. Hence, the bowl does not rattle or make any noise during operating.

As for the controls, it offers a total of 10 dough mixing speeds that are quite good. These different speeds provide high flexibility in terms of the speed that you want to use for kneading dough. You get a bowl guard included with this dough mixer that ensures that dough stays inside and does not come out by accident during the mixing and kneading process.

All of these things are powered by a 1.3 HP electric motor that is quite decent for the given size. Since KitchenAid is quite a famous brand of commercial dough mixers, it offers a two-year-long warranty with it.

2. Wolf Gourmet Mixer WGSM100S

Wolf Gourmet’s WGSM100S dough mixer can be another excellent option for using at your home. It offers a size rating of 7 quarts that makes for an excellent pick for using it at your home as it is neither too big or too small for mixing a lot of dough at once. Apart from offering just the right size, you get multiple mixing attachments with this dough mixer.

These attachments allow the user to easily mix the dough as per the need of the user. Its bowl cover offers a slot for pouring out liquids or thinner dough mixtures if needed. Speaking of the bowl, it is made out of stainless steel and provides a lift-up mechanism as seen with the previous model.

Talking about the motor of this unit, it offers a unique variable speed dial that offers a large number of speed adjustments for high flexibility. While there is no specific power rating, you get pretty decent mixing performance out of this dough mixer.


  1. Variable speed dial for a large number of adjustments
  2. Lift bowl design with a secure lid
  3. Includes multiple mixing attachments
  4. Excellent build quality with stainless steel construction


  1. Quite an expensive model for home usage
  2. No motor power rating

3. KITMA 20 Quart Heavy-Duty Flour Mixer

Priced modestly for a 20 Quart commercial Dough Mixer, the KITMA KPM-20 is one powerful appliance to have in your commercial kitchen. One of the prime highlights of the mixer being its 14-inch wide (21 QT) mixing bowl, it certainly is a premium solution for large-scale dough kneading requirements. Be it mixing dry ingredients, kneading flour for your pizza crust, beating those eggs or whipping a batch of thick cream, the machine with its accessories is equipped to handle it all.

Essentially, the heavy duty dough mixer comes with 5 critical accessories that help you make the best use of the mixer. A spiral dough hook, a wire whip and a flat beater are all attachments that serve different mixing requirements while a safety guard and non-slip rubber feet are intended towards augmenting the safety of the appliance.

Other noteworthy attributes of this electric stand mixer include convenient bent lever design, three speed controls and easy disassembling/reassemble for hassle-free cleaning. The bent lever allows you to adjust the distance between the bowl and the head of the mixer so that you can easily add in your ingredients or remove the mixing bowl or any other attachment for that matter. The manual start/stop push buttons and the speed control lever further augment convenient usability of the appliance.

4. Happybuy Commercial Food Mixer

This Happybuy Commercial Food Mixer makes for an excellent option for those who want a large-sized dough mixer. This multifunctional commercial food mixer is perfect for mixing dough, mashed vegetables, pastry, mayonnaise, and so on. It can be easily used in a restaurant or any other commercial place where you might have to mix a lot of things. You get a 10L capacity bowl with this dough mixer which is large enough to mix 2.2 lbs dough in one-go.

Not only that but you also get an equally powerful electric motor with a power rating of 450 watts. Since you get such a powerful motor, you get a total of three-speed settings that can go up to 390 RPM for easily and quickly mixing up a lot of dough at once.

Because this dough mixer is made for commercial usage, it comes included with a total of three attachments for the mixer that can be handy for working on different kinds of dough mixers. All of your dough gets mixed in its stainless steel bowl that is quite strong. Unfortunately, it lacks any warranty from the manufacturer.


  1. Offers three attachments for ease of use
  2. Bowl guard for extra safety
  3. Three-speed settings for the mixer
  4. Multi-functional Mixer
  5. Offers food grade 304 stainless steel construction


  1. Does not come with any warranty
  2. Low 450 watt electric motor compared to its other variant.

5. Hakka Dough Mixer – DN60B Mixer

The Hakka DN60B Dough Mixer can be a great pick if you do not have any budget restrictions and want one of the most significant options for commercial usage. This model offers the highest size rating of 60 quarts compared to other options in this article. Hence, it should be more than enough, even for most commercial places out there.

Since it has such a large bowl size, the bowl can be used with a wide range of other dough mixers as well if needed. Its integrated emergency stop switch ensures the safety of the user in a lot of cases. Just like most other options out there, you also get a bowl guard with this unit.

One of the unique things about it is that it comes with wheels on the bottom for quickly moving it around in any commercial place.

Apart from offering a large bowl size, you also get a highly powerful 3000-watt electric motor that can go up to 156 RPM quite easily using its two-speed control. You also get a decent 1-year long warranty with this unit for peace of mind in the long run.


  1. Largest bowl size rating in this article
  2. Includes a highly powerful motor
  3. Comes with a decent warranty
  4. Offers wheels on the bottom for easy movement


  1. Highly expensive commercial dough mixer
  2. Only two-speed settings for the electric motor

Choosing a Commercial Dough Mixer Machine

Apart from mentioning some of the best commercial dough mixers, we have also mentioned their features. This can be quite handy to get the right commercial bread dough mixer or commercial pizza dough mixer as per your needs. If you don’t want to make pizza dough at home or you are new in the process of making pizza dough and finding it difficult, then you can go for best store-bought pizza dough available in the market,

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But before you go ahead and buy one for your needs, there are various other things that you need to know before getting a commercial dough mixer machine. This includes various kinds of factors that might be important for different users. Hence, make sure to go through the following points whether you are buying a new or a used dough mixer:

1. Product Features

Yang Commercial Dough Mixer

While there are a lot of standard and common things found in the full range of dough mixers out there, you also need to look out for unique and exclusive product features. These result in a much better overall experience to the user. For example, a few dough mixers come with a bowl guard installed out of the box.

This ensures that the dough does not roll up and come out of the dough bowl during the mixing process. Speaking of mixing, while all mixers come with at least one mixing attachments, others might even include multiple accessories for different kinds of applications.

In case you are using a smaller third party bowl with your mixer, then your mixer needs to have a lift-up function. This simply increases the height of the bowl so that it can adequately reach the mixing head.

2. Size

Wolf Gourmet Mixer WGSM100S

Just per the name, the dough mixers mentioned in this article are designed to be used for commercial usage. In other words, they are meant for mixing a lot of dough at once. Hence, checking the size or capacity rating of any given commercial dough mixer is highly essential. This size is usually given in quarts and includes options like 7 quarts, 30 quarts, and even 60 quarts depending on the model that you buy.

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While the lower size models are meant for home usage, other bigger models make a lot of sense for commercial locations. You can use such dough mixers for making large batches of dough for using a restaurant, a buffet, a hotel, or any other similar location.

3. Ease of Use

Just in case you are new to commercial dough mixers, then the model that you are buying should be easy to use so that you get used to in a short period. Other than that, any easy to use commercial dough mixer can save a lot of time for the user. The most simple thing you should look out in a dough mixer is its controls.

While most of the models out there offer a speed control dial on the side, you can also find emergency buttons on a few models. A few of the models mentioned in this article also come with wheels installed on the bottom. Such a feature allows you to quickly move the dough mixer around in your commercial site quite quickly.

4. Price

Whether you are buying a new or a used commercial dough mixer, the price is a highly important factor which you cannot skip. This is simply due to the reason that even if a given commercial mixer used for kitchens offers all of the features that you need, it will not be worth it if it does not have the right price.

In other words, you need to strike a balance between the price and the features to get a high value for money. Other than that, the pricing of a used commercial dough mixer will always be lower than a new one which is something that you should keep in mind.

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If you have gone through this article, you must know a lot about a commercial mixer used that might be used in different places in restaurants. This is simply due to the reason that we have mentioned the best commercial mixer for pizza dough along with all their features and details.

You can even find a few commercial bread dough mixers as well as a detailed buying guide. All of these things can be quite handy for buying the perfect mixer for you, whether you are purchasing a new or a used dough mixer. That being said, if you are still confused or have any doubts, make sure to leave those in the comments section down below.