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Best Store-Bought Pizza Dough – Buying Guide

Best Store-Bought Pizza Dough – Buying Guide

There are only a handful of things that one can’t get enough of; and Pizzas surely belong to that list. Well, they do for us (in all shapes and forms) and we think the same goes for you. So much so, that we’re dedicated to master the art of making scrumptious pizzas at home and helping you achieve the same feat.

Now, despite how obvious it may seem, we must all comprehend that the best home-made pizzas are made from scratch. However, given how frequently we crave for pizzas, repeating the whole dough-making process over and over can really get to our nerves. Also, it could take months of consistent efforts to attain the perfect blend of flour mix and seasonings for that crust to hit your taste buds just right. Solution? Store-bought Pizza dough!

While some may be sceptical over the quality of premade pizza dough bought from stores, which is fairly reasonable; there are some brands that comply with appropriate quality thresholds and are safe to be consumed by all. We’ve cherry-picked the best store bought pizza dough brands among countless options that are verified to clearly mention their ingredients and only use FDA permitted additives; if at all.

With a carefully selected pre-made pizza dough, your favorite store-bought pizza sauce and toppings of your choice, it is easier than ever for pizza lovers to assemble delicious pizzas in the comfort their home at their own convenient time. Knowing precisely what goes in to your pizza and being able to manipulate contents according to your liking makes home-made pizzas much healthier and rather convenient as compared to that of outdoor pizza parlors. If we’re on the same page here and you’re looking for some premade pizza crusts to buy right now, here are our some the best store bought pizza dough brands to consider.

Our Top Picks

1st Place
Weisenberger Pizza Crust Mix By Weisenberger
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2 Antimo Caputo Chefs Flour for Pizza Dough By Antimo Caputo
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Best Value
Simple Mills Almond Flour Pizza Dough Mix By Simple Mills
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4 Betty Crocker Pizza Crust Mix By Betty Crocker
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5 Bella Gluten-Free Italian Pizza Crust Dough Mix By Bella Gluten Free
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Best Store-Bought Pizza Dough

1. Weisenberger Pizza Crust Mix

Pizza, breadsticks, flatbreads or crescent rolls; the horizons are stretched when it comes to the Weisenberger Pizza Crust Mix. For multiple reasons, the Weisenberger Pizza Crust Mix is considered to be the best among all the pizza crust mix brands. Weisenberger Pizza Crust Mix is a delicious, versatile and convenient way to create pizzeria quality pizza at home. The flour mix is white and made with high-quality non-GMO wheat, by combining two types of flour, salt, and yeast in perfect proportions. 

Weisenberger Pizza Crust Mix comes in 3 different packs, i.e., Pack of 1, Pack of 3, and Pack of 12. With one 6.5 ounce package, you can prepare a mouth-watering 14-inch or 12-inch thin-crust pizza perfect for homemade.

With Weisenberger Pizza Crust mix, you can not only make pizza, but also you can make delicious items such as breadsticks, cinnamon rolls, flatbread, calzones, and more. The crust form of this pizza crust mix is relatively browner and edgy as compared to the other brands. The texture and taste of the crust of Weisenberger Pizza Crust Mix are chewy and crispy along with the amazing flavour of it.

2. Antimo Caputo Chefs Flour for Pizza Dough

Originating in Italy, Antimo Caputo has been making premium quality baking & Pizza flour since 1924. The flour is milled slowly and finely to get the right taste for your Pizza.

The flour has strong and elastic gluten with extremely fine texture which allows a soft, flavorful crust for an authentic Neapolitan pizza with a soft, tender bottom and bubbles in its cornicione. If you’re fan of Italian pizzas, this european pizza dough would surely won’t disappoint.

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The best part of this 100% natural pizza dough is, you can enjoy it even if you’re “gluten free” as it didn’t have any effect on many of our gluten-free friends who tried it. And guess what? They LOVED it!

Trust me, you can really taste the superior flavors in the finished product. Be it Pizza, bread or Pasta, Antimo Caputo Chefs Flour for Pizza dough doesn’t disappoint at all!

3. Simple Mills Almond Flour Mix Pizza Dough

The company, Simple Mills, only uses whole-food and 100% natural ingredients in their products. So, even their premade pizza dough recipe includes all-natural products and no artificial fillers or additives. The dough is free from GMO and does not contain grain, corn, soy or excessive sugar. That’s quite a green flag for all health-conscious people out there.

This pizza dough is completely gluten-free. All this makes this product healthy along with which it has great taste as the pizza dough is made of almond flour, flax meal, arrowroot, cauliflower, baking soda, organic garlic and oregano, and cream of tartar. This all-natural tasty plant-based dough is packed with flavour and nutrients that are safe even for vegans, gluten-free diet followers and also for people with a paleo diet.

4. Betty Crocker Pizza Crust Mix

Betty Crocker Pizza Crust Mix like all other crust mixes lets you make your own perfect pizza crust at home. The mix comes with an adequate proportion of seasonings and preservatives to ensure a long shelf-life. However, the package only has permissible additives and makes a delicious crust at home. You only need to add water and custom additives like eggs (depends on your recipe and preferences) to make a perfect crust for your home-baked pizza.

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The mix has a moderate calorie count with each serving giving you 160 calories ( 33g carbs and 4g protein). The powdered mix has a total fat content of 2 grams and is free from cholesterol. The flour mix is made with a high-quality Enriched Flour Bleached, Palm Oil, Salt.

As for preservatives, the mix contains BHA to ensure that it has a durable shelf-life. Betty Crocker Pizza Crust Mix comes in a pack of 6.

5. Namaste Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix

The Namaste Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix is a popular choice for home chefs and bakers that are all-in for home-baked delicious gluten-free pizzas. The crust mix is an absolute delight even for the calorie-conscious people. Each serving is just 80 calories with 18g carbs and 1g sugar. The crust mix has all vegan ingredients with no fat content and hence, is naturally cholesterol-free.

Even if you’re not all the way into calorie-counting, it’s always a good idea to have options that are low on calories when binge-eating is on the menu. Namaste Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix is a delicious, versatile and convenient way to create deep-dish or New York Style Pizza at home.

The Pizza Crust Dough Mix is made with non-GMO whole grain gluten-free flour. Namaste Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix comes in 3 different packs, i.e., Pack of 6 and a Pack of 12. With one 6.5 ounce package, you can prepare a mouth-watering 14-inch or 12-inch pizza crust pizza.

How to Make Homemade Pizza with Store-Bought Dough?

With a number of trial and error methods, we have discovered some unique pizza making techniques for your homemade pizza using pre-made pizza dough. If you want to make spicier pizza, then you can prepare it with the best Alfredo sauce. If you are wondering how to make pizza with premade dough, we have enlisted our technique here.

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1. Dough Requirements

knead the dough

When you buy pizza dough, it will be cold and stiff. You need to let it sit for approximately 30 minutes to 3 hours for it to come at the room temperature. By this, you will be able to roll the dough properly into the shape you wish to have. For making it more smooth, you can keep it in a bowl with a little olive oil drizzled from the top.

Once the dough comes to the room temperature, you will roll it to give a shape. Before you start rolling the dough, put some flour on the surface and your hands. And then, start giving the dough a shape using your hands.

Use flour on all the surfaces whichever is going to come in contact with the dough. As the dough is sticky, flour makes the surface smooth and dry, for dough not to stick on it.

Press the dough from both the sides and pinch it with your fingers on both the sides to prepare the crust. Push the dough from the center to move out through the ends and make a larger base. Work-up on the dough until it takes the size of your sheet pan. 

You can expand the dough by tapping on the dough on the thicker parts, using your knuckles to stretch the dough in both vertical and horizontal motions and by light dusting of the flour on the surface of the dough.

2. Preparing a Baking Sheet

Homemade Pizza with Store-Bought Dough

Prepare a baking sheet of the size of your pizza with the parchment paper (learn the difference between butcher paper and parchment paper) with a drizzle of olive oil on it. Place your prepared pizza dough gently on the baking sheet and rim the entire premade pizza dough to the edges of the sheet.

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3. Bake the Dough

bake pizza dough

Now, pre-bake your dough for 3-4 minutes to make it a crust before adding the toppings. This pre-baking without toppings is necessary as without this, your toppings might make your pizza soaky and not crispy which will not be a delightful experience. So, before adding the toppings, bake the dough in the oven for 3-4 minutes and then add your favorite store bought pizza sauce and toppings to it.

4. Prepare your Pizza

how to prepare pizza

While you are adding pizza sauce and topping along with your cheese on your store-bought pizza dough, preheat your oven for 3-4 minutes and then finally keep your pizza in for 7-10 minutes at 475-500 degrees for your pizza to get ready. There are many types of cheese available in the market, which depends on the choice you buy. In addition we have also reviewed some of the best parmesan cheese available in the market. We have compared two of the most popular cheese available in the market, i.e, Provolone and Mozzarella.

You can experiment with several shapes for pizza crust and also with the toppings and prepare your favourite pizza at home. For a rustic, authentic tasting pizza, you can use a commercial pizza oven or a wood-fired pizza oven.

What else can be made with Pizza Dough?

What do you do with the extra pizza dough? You can prepare several other dishes using pre packaged pizza dough. Dishes like calzones, pizza rolls, garlic knots, bread sticks, wraps, or deep dish pizzas can be prepared using the pizza dough. 

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All these dishes taste so well because of the taste of the pizza dough in it. Especially, I loved the wraps and the pizza rolls made from pizza dough.

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of different crust of pizzas that you can make by choosing the right kind of flour. Although homemade pizza dough tastes the best amongst all, but, it takes a lot of time to prepare the same. Instead, these pizza dough brands try to provide great tasting healthy pizza dough at a reasonable price which reduces our time and efforts on one dish.