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Forno Magnifico Electric 12″ Pizza Oven

Forno Magnifico Electric 12″ Pizza Oven

Out of all of the possible things that you can make in your kitchen, pizza is one of those things that everyone absolutely loves. And if you also want to make one at your home, then cooking and baking it correctly is highly important. While you can use your standard oven or even a microwave for cooking one, the results from these are just average.

This is simply due to the cooking style of these appliances that are not ideal for making pizzas. Instead, it would be best if you try out an electric pizza oven that offers very similar results to that of a fire oven. Since these are quite popular, you can find a wide range of electric pizza ovens out there.

One such option is the Forno Magnifico Electric 12″ Pizza Oven. It is one of the top-rated options out there because of its features a well as the end results offered by it. And today, we are here with the complete review of the Forno Magnifico Electric Pizza Oven.

You can find all of its specifications, pros and cons, features, and much more. In other words, make sure to go through this article until the end if you are interested in the Forno Magnifico electric 12 pizza oven.

Forno Magnifico Electric Pizza Oven Review

Forno Magnifico Electric Pizza Oven Review
Dimensions20 inch x 12 inch x 8.2 inch
 Weight11 pounds
 Maximum Temperature750 °F or 400 °C
 Pizza Size12 inch
 Cooking TimeUp to 10 minutes
 Power Consumption1200 watts
Warranty 1 year

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Features of the Forno Magnifico Electric Pizza Oven

While purchasing a product for its features to know how much useful is that product to us. So, the following features of Forno Magnifico Electric 12″ Pizza Oven will help you in your decision-making process.

1. Design

A great thing about this electric pizza oven from Forno Magnifico is that it offers a simple and straight forward design to the user. Just like most other electric pizza ovens, this one also offers a clamshell design. This means that you can move the top part to open up the pizza oven and put your pizza inside it. Once that is done, the pizza will start cooking right away. It has a refractory ceramic baking stone that holds high heat for properly cooking your pizza. We have reviewed some of the best pizza stone available in the market; you can check out our detail guide for the Best Pizza Stone. Another great thing is that it has a special coating on this stone that ensures that you can easily clean it afterwards. And you get all of this in a fairly compact design and form factor.

2. Ease of Use

forno magnifico electric 12 pizza oven

Since you get a fairly simple and straight forward design with this pizza oven, it is quite easy to use. You can use the Forno Magnifico electric 12″ pizza oven for cooking up to 12-inch pizzas in diameter as you can tell by its name. And these pizzas take under 10 minutes to perfectly ook. This can be quite handy if you have to cook multiple pizzas at once. It comes with a two-piece wooden pizza peel that allows you to move pizzas easily. As it is a two-piece pizza peel, it is easier to use than a standard one. You can review our page for the best pizza peels available in the market. And since we are talking about ease of use, you should also consider the fact that cleaning it after use is quite easy.

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3. Performance

One of the most important things to check before buying any pizza oven is to check its performance. This is highly important to know if you have to cook multiple pizzas in a short period of time. Thankfully, the performance offered by this pizza oven is quite great. It uses a ceramic stone that gets pretty hot and goes up to 750 °F or 400 °C. You can review our article if you want to know the best oven temperature for various types of pizza. Due to this, you can cook a full 12-inch size pizza in under 10 minutes using this oven. And it is able to do this while being highly energy efficient since you do not have to preheat this oven. This oven uses two heating elements along with a dome design on the top that ensures that the cheese, as well as the toppings, get cooked perfectly.

4. Adjustability

Alternative to Forno Magnifico Electric Pizza Oven

MasterChef Rotating 12 Inch Electric Pizza Maker

Electric Pizza Oven
Dimensions15.39 x 15.31 x 8.82 inches
Product Weight7.81 pounds
Temperature AdjustementYes
Viewing windowYes
Internal Diameter12 inch
MultipurposeGreat for heating quesadillas, nachos & more

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Once you have gone through this Forno Magnifico electric pizza oven review, you must know a lot of things about it. This is simply due to the reason that we have mentioned all of the major features and options, along with the pros and cons of this pizza oven. All of these things make the Forno Magnifico oven a great pick for a lot of users out there who are looking for a pizza oven. In case you still have doubts or want to know more about this electric pizza oven, you can leave your thoughts and questions in the comments section down below.