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Napoli Pizza Oven Review

Napoli Pizza Oven Review

Since almost everyone likes eating pizza, there are a lot of people out there who would love to cook pizza at their home. And while it can be done in your kitchen oven, since there are a lot of available electric pizza ovens. Unfortunately, most of the electric pizza ovens can’t reach temperatures as high as a wood fire one.

Although, there are a few exceptions including the Napoli wood fire and gas outdoor pizza oven that is not electric. Instead, it works on either wood pellets or gas just per its name that allows it to offer great results to the user. We tested the Napoli pizza oven to see how good it is. 

Hence, we are here with a detailed Napoli pizza oven review that consists of all of the details of this portable wood fired pizza oven. 

Napoli Wood Fire and Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven Review

Napoli Wood Fire and Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven Review
Dimensions12.5 inch x 13.5 inch stone
Weight22 pounds
Supported FuelsCharcoal, wood pellets, gas
Cooking Temperature930 degrees Fahrenheit
Pizza SizeUp to 12 inch
Warranty1 year

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After going through the specifications and pros and cons, you must have noticed how versatile the Napoli pizza oven is. The pizza oven works on charcoal, wood pellets and gas making it difficult to use indoors. If you want a pizza oven that you can use indoors, you might want to consider buying an electric pizza oven.

The design of the Bertello pizza oven was initially shown on Shark Tank, and the business was created after Kevin O’Leary invested $120,000 for 25% equity. The Napoli Wood fired pizza oven is now available on Amazon. With the Bertello Pizza oven, you get a lot of accessories which enhances the experience of the user. 

Unlike most other pizza ovens out there, this one offers a great looking design that is highly modern and unique. But since there is much more to the Napoli Bertello pizza oven review, make sure to go through the following points if you are also buying one:

1. Design and Performance of the Napoli Pizza Oven

Starting with its design, you get a pretty modern looking design in this oven that is supported by the four legs at the bottom. On the front, you get the cooking area which consists of the oven stone that gets pretty hot and quickly cooks the pizza that you put inside.

Since it has dimensions of 12.5-inch x 13.5-inch, you can cook a 12-inch pizza inside it. As for its performance, it can go even higher than 930 degrees Fahrenheit or 500 degrees Celsius depending on the fuel that you are using for using this oven. To know more information about the heating capacity of different pizza ovens, you can review our detailed guide on Best Oven Temperature for Pizza. In other words, everything gets adequately cooked, including the crust, the cheese and the toppings. 

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2. Multi Fueled Neapolitan Pizza Oven

As mentioned earlier, this is not an electric pizza oven but a fire pizza oven that gives better results. Unlike most other options out there that use either gas as the fuel or wood pellets, this one works with a wide range of fuels that makes it highly versatile. You can either use charcoal, wood pellets or gas to use the pizza oven. 

While wood and charcoal can be used right away, you do need an additional accessory attachment to use this pizza oven with a gas tank. Nevertheless, having these many fuel options allows the user to easily use this oven even if one of the fuel options is not available at any given moment.

3. Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Compared to traditional or commercial wood-fired pizza ovens that are quite big and made out of bricks, this one is quite portable. It is made out of metal and offers a compact and small form factor. Since it has a total of 4 legs on the bottom, you can easily place it anywhere you like without any stability issues.

While it is a bit on the heavy side, it is possible to take it to different places in the back of your pickup truck if you wish. This is possible because the Bertello Pizza oven does not work on electricity and therefore does not have any wires attached to it. You can use a propane gas tank, that you can carry with you to use the pizza oven without any issues. If you are a fan of pizza ovens that use propane gas, you can find our reviews on the best propane pizza ovens.

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4. 60 Day Return Policy

Those of you who are new to cooking pizzas using a pizza oven at their home might be sceptical about this oven as it offers so many things. Not only that but some of you might not know how to use one and might want to try out one.

In any of these cases, this Napoli pizza oven is just the right option since it comes with a 60-day return policy. As you would expect, you can try out this pizza oven for 60 days and return it afterwards to get a full refund without any questions asked.

5. Accessories for the Napoli Pizza Oven

Whether you are buying an oven for your kitchen, a regular electric pizza oven, or this fire oven, having multiple accessories add more functionalities and make the pizza oven more usable, this improves your overall experience.

One such accessory available for this oven is the gas attachment that allows you to use it with a gas fuel tank if needed. Other than that, you can also find a wide range of accessories included in the box of this oven. All of these make the overall experience quite better while offering better value for money. You can find a cordierite stone, wood pellet scoop, and a tray for storing the wood pellets and charcoal.


Unlike most other electric pizza ovens out there, this Napoli wood fire and gas outdoor pizza oven offers better results. All of these things and the various features mentioned in this Napoli Bertello pizza oven review, make it an excellent option for most users out there. But just in case you still have any doubts regarding this pizza oven, make sure to leave your thoughts and questions in the comments section down below.

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