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Our Top Picks for Propane Pizza Ovens

Our Top Picks for Propane Pizza Ovens

In order to make the perfect pizza at your home or anywhere else, you need to cook it perfectly. This can only be done when the temperature of your oven is high enough. When you compare the different oven types available out there, a commercial wood-fired pizza oven is the best one for high-temperature cooking. But as you would expect, that is not possible for everyone to use at home because of the cost of the oven and the space the wood-fired oven takes. We have reviewed some of the best wood-fired pizza oven available in the market in detail

On the other hand, while electric pizza oven models are quite practical and easy to use, they cannot reach really high temperatures. You can review our article for the best electric pizza oven models available in the market. In such a case, a propane pizza oven makes perfect sense to use as they offer great balance. Since they use propane gas as fuel, they get pretty hot while being easy to use and set up. In fact, you can use these propane pizza ovens at your home as well as on a camping trip.

Best Propane Pizza Ovens in 2020

1st Place
Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven By Cam Chef
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Best Value
Ooni 3 Pizza Oven By Ooni
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3 Camp Chef Artisan Pizza Oven By Cam Chef
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4 Mont Alpi MAPZ-SS Table Top Gas Pizza Oven By Mont Alpi
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5 Roccbox Pizza Oven By Roccbox
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6 Ooni Koda Pizza Oven By Ooni
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Therefore, these ovens are highly popular, and you can find multiple propane pizza ovens out there. We are here with some Propane Pizza Ovens.

You can find all of their major features and options for easily differentiating between them. Hence, you can go through this article until the end and pick up the perfect propane pizza oven.

1. Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

Camp Chef is one of the most popular pizza oven brands out there that offers a wide range of options to its users, including a propane pizza oven.

The Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven is the most versatile option present in this article. This is simply due to the reason that you get a stovetop on the top of this oven. This means that you can cook a lot of things in this oven rather than just a pizza. The pizza can be cooked at the bottom of the appliance where you will find an oven. This outdoor propane pizza oven is very similar to the oven you use at home.

It uses a 1 lb propane tank by default but allows you to switch to a 20 lb tank if needed. One of the handiest features of this outdoor camp oven is that it offers matchless ignition. As a result, you do not have to use any matchsticks in order to start this oven for cooking a pizza.

You get two 7500 BTU brass range burners on the top along with a 3000 BTU oven inside. This oven can fit up to 9-inch x 13-inch pan inside for cooking pizza. As for its temperature, it can go up to 400F quite easily for decent cooking performance. You can find a detailed review of this oven on the Camp Chef Outdoor Oven review page.

2. Ooni 3 Pizza Oven

Ooni is one of the most popular brands of pizza ovens as most of its products have a high user rating because of the features that you get with it.

Ooni’s 3 outdoor propane pizza oven is an excellent option if you are looking for an outdoor and portable propane pizza oven that performs as good as a professional wood oven. This is because it can go up to 932F in just 10 minutes that is quite high for most users out there and should result in perfectly cooked pizzas. 

Due to the high-temperature rating of this pizza oven, it can cook a pizza under 60 seconds if needed. This can be quite handy during backyard parties where you might want to cook a lot of pizzas in a short period without making everyone wait.

A highly unique feature of this oven is that it comes with a custom made stone inside it. As a result, the pizza gets cooked using the stone for a perfectly cooked crust. Even though it has a stone, the oven gets preheated within 10 minutes saving a lot of time. You can find a detailed review of this oven on the Ooni 3 pizza review page.

3. Camp Chef Artisan Pizza Oven

We have yet another propane pizza oven offering from Camp Chef mentioned in this article that happens to be quite different from the previous one.

As per its name, the Camp Chef Artisan Pizza oven resembles a wood fire oven quite a lot. It offers the same shape and design that you might be familiar with. Although, since it is a propane pizza oven, using it is much easier and highly practical when compared with a wood gas stove as this one runs on a propane gas tank.

You can use any 16-inch cooking system stove with this pizza oven if needed. Not only that but since you get to use a ceramic stone inside this pizza oven, it allows you to cook pizzas while getting rid of any moisture from the pizzas as well as from the air inside the oven.

It offers a cooking surface of 15 x 20 inch that is quite decent for either cooking one large pizza or two small ones at the same time. Since it goes up to 700F in terms of its temperature, you can be confident that the pizzas get cooked perfectly. For a detailed review of this oven, check our article on Camp Chef Artisan Pizza oven review.

4. Mont Alpi MAPZ-SS Table Top Gas Pizza Oven

Mont Alpi Table Top Pizza Oven is an award-winning and versatile oven that comes with “U” shaped stainless steel construction and 12000 BTU Burner. This oven is great for roasting whole chickens & larger meats and even perfect for baking 12″ Pizza.

If you are looking for a unique propane pizza oven, then the Mont Alpi Table Top Pizza Oven is the one that you should get. It is the only option present in this guide that offers the tabletop feature. Although, you do need an extra accessory to use this pizza oven as a propane pizza oven.

Moving over to its performance, it can go up to 620F in 5 minutes that is more than enough for most users out there.

Due to this, you can expect your pizzas to cook quickly. To further improve the performance of this oven, it offers a stainless steel construction along with a 12″ Chef-style Pizza stone on the bottom for excellent heat retention. If you are looking for more options in a pizza stone, you can check our detailed guide for the best pizza stones available in the market.

For those, you who care about the design, this oven is one of the best looking ones out there. It offers a 21 x 15 x 17 inches dimensions and weighs around 27 pounds that is quite decent. Mount Alpi Table Top Pizza Oven can be used as an outdoor patio or camping oven, and it performs the same as your indoor oven.

5. Roccbox Pizza Oven – Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

Gozney Roccbox is a portable pizza oven that gets to 950 °F to cook a Neapolitan pizza in simply one minute. As a leading provider of commercial stone as well as fire ovens, Gozney established Gozney Roccbox oven for customer demand, allowing them to prepare the pizza in the comfort of their yard.

Gozney Roccbox has changed the method you cook at home. You can use typical (wood) and also comfort (gas) approaches with quickly removable heaters. It reaches a high temperature in mins and also cooks a pizza within 2 to 3 minutes. As the portable pizza oven can handle high temperatures, you can additionally utilize it for preparing the Neapolitan pizza, which needs high temperatures.

With 86% warm retention, Gozney Roccbox has superb fuel efficiency as well as preserves consistent temperatures of the baked soil post-baking. The built-in thermocouple thermometer makes it simple to monitor oven temperature level, and the special touch-safe silicone sleeve protects customers from higher temperature. The built-in thermometer has its limitations with respect to precision. If you’re someone with a knack for accuracy, you can get an additional oven thermometer. Retractable legs make it simple to store as well as move around. If you are confused about whether to go for Ooni Pro or Roccbox, you can check our guide on the difference between Ooni Pro and Roccbox Ovens.

6. Ooni Koda Pizza Oven

As Ooni is quite a famous pizza oven brand, it makes multiple models due to which we are here with another Ooni Koda Pizza Oven.

The Ooni Koda propane pizza oven is one of the best-looking pizza ovens mentioned in this article. If you care about the looks and design of your pizza oven, then this can be a great pick with its 3 leg design along with angular construction. Apart from looking great, this pizza oven also offers pretty good results in terms of its cooking performance.

You can preheat the oven within 15 minutes that is quite good for the given size. It can do this using its insulated steel shell that offers high heat retention. Apart from being quite fast, you get an inbuilt ignition system that allows you to start this oven without the need for matchsticks.

Once heated up, you can quickly cook up to a 13-inch pizza using this oven. Similarly the larger variant can be used to bake 16-inch pizza. Once preheated, you can cook a pizza within 60 seconds that makes it one of the best performing options available out there. It can do so due to its temperature rating of up to 932F that is quite high for most users. You can find a detailed review of the Ooni Koda Oven on our website.

Why Choose a Propane Pizza Oven?

If you are going through the propane pizza ovens mentioned in this article, chances are that you are explicitly interested in a propane pizza oven. But if you are not, then you should know about the benefits of going with a propane pizza oven over any other pizza oven type out there.

Starting with portability, a propane pizza oven is powered by propane gas as you would have guessed by now. This means that you can either use a large propane gas tank or a small one as per your wish. But in either case, you are not tethered by any power cord. Not only that, but unlike a wood fire oven for making pizzas, a propane pizza oven is much more compact as it does not need the space for burning the wood inside it.

All of these things mean that a propane pizza oven is highly portable. You can either use it in your backyard or take it on a camping trip along with a propane gas tank to quickly cook pizzas on the go.

While an electric pizza oven can also be portable in some cases, a propane pizza oven offers much better cooking results. This is due to the reason that the heat inside a propane gas oven is relatively high. It ensures that the pizza gets cooked from the top as well as the bottom perfectly. You can expect to have a perfectly crunchy crust as well as a perfectly cooked cheese and toppings on the top while using a propane pizza oven for making pizzas.

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Choosing a Propane Pizza Oven

Choosing a Propane Pizza Oven

Now that you know the benefits of buying a propane pizza oven over another type of pizza oven, you might want to consider buying one fo the propane pizza oven. But just like any other pizza oven, purchasing the perfect one according to your needs and requirements is highly essential. Hence, you have to keep the following things in mind before buying a propane pizza oven:

1. Product Features

There is a wide range of propane pizza oven options available out there. All of these different options come with various features and options for the user. As you would expect, all of these things can make your pizza cooking experience much better. Hence, you should look out for propane pizza ovens that include various kinds of features.

It includes things like matchless ignition for quickly starting the oven, the temperature of a given oven properly cooking it, the dimensions of the oven for cooking a large-sized pizza, and various other things. While some might prefer some of these features, others might look for additional features. As a result, choosing the correct features required by you is highly important as it ensures that you get everything that you will need to cook a pizza.

2. Size

As you would know, you can make a small 6-inch pizza or go with a much larger 12-inch or even an 18-inch pizza while using an oven. Although, in order to cook different styles of pizzas such as Neapolitan and Sicilian style pizzas, your oven would need to support this pizza size and allow the user to cook without running into size limits. While most propane pizza ovens are designed for 12-inch pizzas, others might support cooking an 18-inch pizza. But, since a larger supported size also results in a larger oven, you should buy the size that you need. This ensures that your pizza oven still stays portable if you ever need it to be.

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3. Ease of Use

If you are new to cooking pizzas at your home, then your propane pizza oven should be easy to use. This simply means that it should include features that are helpful to all of the new users out there. One such highly handy feature is the matchless start feature that allows you to start a propane pizza oven without using a matchstick. Apart from that, some pizza ovens might include a gas stove on the top. This can be handy for cooking other dishes using your pizza oven even if you do not want to cook pizza right now.

4. Price

There is a wide range of propane pizza ovens available out there that include different kinds of features and options. As you would expect, these different propane pizza ovens come at different price points. While you can simply go with a high-end option to enjoy all of the features, that might not be possible for everyone. Hence, striking a balance between the pricing and the features offered by a 

given propane pizza oven is highly essential. In other words, you should prefer buying propane pizza ovens that offer as many features as possible at a given price tag.


In order to cook a pizza to perfection, high heat in your oven is highly essential. And a propane pizza oven allows you to achieve just that using propane gas. Not only that but these ovens are also highly portable that can be quite handy later on. Hence, we are here with some of the best propane pizza ovens. You can also find their significant features and options to differentiate between them. Apart from that, you can also learn about propane pizza ovens in general. Although, if you are still confused, make sure to leave your thoughts and questions in the comments section down below

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