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22 Best Veggie Pizza Recipes

22 Best Veggie Pizza Recipes

All too often, pizza gets a bad rap, often characterized as greasy junk food. But it doesn’t have to be! Pizza can, in fact, be an especially healthy meal when you use the right ingredients and the right baking process.

Choosing a quality pizza dough with basic ingredients, spread thin and topped with healthy, roasted vegetables offers a fantastic way to merge that love for pizza with a desire to eat healthier.

So go ahead and indulge that pizza lover within yourself or your family with the following premier veggie pizza recipes:

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1. In the first place position, what else can we put except for a pizza recipe for the “ultimate” veggie pizza!

Veggie pizza with olive on table.

=> Click here for the recipe 

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This ultimate veggie pizza recipe was created by a chef who has been a vegetarian for well over a decade — thus, an individual well qualified to make the best recommendations for how to build the very best veggie pizza.

This recipe offers some great topping advice as well as offering a precise methodology for baking the veggie pizza in order to ensure the whole of the pizza develops a full flavor and structure. This is definitely a good recipe to go through to get an idea of how to build and bake any type of veggie pizza, including the fully outlined one. 

2. If you don’t like tomato sauce, then you will love the unique cream cheese base featured on this crispy veggie pizza recipe.

Cream cheese veggie crispy pizza.

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You heard that right! This delicious veggie pizza swaps out tomato sauce or similar tomato-based pizza sauce for cream cheese. But it’s actually not just cream cheese; rather, it is a mixture of cream cheese with a bit of mayonnaise and ranch dressing mix.

While this combination might give you pause at first, most of the vegetables put on top of this veggie pizza are going to be more salad-oriented veggies that you’d enjoy with ranch. Think carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower.

You can also sub any of those ingredients with your own preferred vegetables (but we recommend trying this veggie pizza as is at least once to get a good idea of how all the parts work together). 

3. Make everything from scratch with this series of the best veggie pizza, dough, and sauce recipes.

Veggie pizza with mushroom on pizza stone.

 => Click here for the recipe

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Sometimes you want to go all-in, choosing to make everything from scratch to deliver a fully yours, pizza pie. For those days, consider following this series of recipes that include how to make an easy pizza dough, even easier piazza sauce, and a great step-by-step guide for how to properly assemble your veggie pizza and bake it for optimum flavors. 

4. Go mini-size with this individual vegetarian pizza recipe that has each mini pizza baked atop a whole wheat roll. 

Vegetarian bite sized pizza rolls.

=> Click here for the recipe

Making pizza dough or buying pizza dough isn’t for everyone. IF you want to make a quick pizza with only what you have on hand, and if what you have on hand are whole wheat buns or something similar, then this is the perfect veggie recipe for you.

This vegetarian pizza rolls recipe offers a fast (ready in 35 minutes) way to enjoy those layered vegetables without having to worry about baking the pizza dough to perfection. 

5. How about something sweet on our list? Check out this pineapple-centric vegetarian pizza.

Pineapple-centric vegetarian pizza on pizza stone.

 => Click here for the recipe

This pineapple veggie lovers pizza recipe is a fantastic choice for those looking for more unique flavors as it combines the sweetness of fresh pineapples (and you should use fresh pineapples where possible) with a touch of spiciness via jalapenos.

The recipe as written is also vegan, for those trying to go a step beyond vegetarian, and it also includes an easy substitution for those wanting to go gluten-free. 

6. Is pizza without cheese antithetical to your cooking senses? Then behold this vegetarian pizza recipe that results in a wonderful cheesy sensation (and also includes pineapples).

Cheesy vegetarian pizza with broccoli.

 => Click here for the recipe

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What can we say, there is something special about pineapple on pizza that needs to be shared! This vegetarian pizza recipe features not just pineapple, but barbecued pineapple with that nice complement of spicy jalapenos.

But best of all for those who are vegetarians, not vegans, this pizza recipe includes mozzarella and feta cheeses. So when you finally pull your finished pizza out of the oven, the mix of cheeses results in a deliciously gooey topping. 

7. Let’s go on to another vegetarian pizza that features jalapeno and feta cheese, but without that pineapple.

Veggie pizza with jalapeno and feta cheese.

 => Click here for the recipe

This delicious vegetarian pizza recipe also features fresh feat cheese crumbles and spicy bites of jalapeno, but instead of barbecued pineapple as the focus ingredient, this recipe features cucumbers. Yes, cucumbers.

This summertime snack of a pizza is essentially a cucumber pizza atop a thin, crispy crust. The recipe as written features a gluten-free pizza dough or you can substitute your own preferred dough. 

8. Keep things simple with this straight from Pillsbury professional easy crescent veggie pizza.

Crescent veggie pizza with glass of soda.

 => Click here for the recipe

If you prefer truly time-tested recipes that use easily-found ingredients, then you will appreciate this delicious vegetarian pizza recipe from Pillsbury’s professional chefs.

This recipe utilizes two cans of refrigerated Pillsbury original crescent rolls (or you can substitute for two cans of their crescent dough sheet) as the pizza base and then offers a simple list of topping ingredients. This is a good choice for those with fussy family members who prefer that more buttery finish of Pillsbury products. 

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9. Maybe you feel the opposite and want to get rid of dough-based pizzas altogether? If so, then you’ll love this mini zucchini vegetarian pizza recipe.

Mini zucchini vegetarian pizza.

 => Click here for the recipe

This popular recipe takes out pizza crusts and dough altogether from the ingredient list and swaps it for zucchinis. A vegetarian pizza on a vegetable! This is a very simple recipe that you can make and enjoy in well under half an hour.

Choose it for when you have cheesy afternoon cravings or want to bring a healthy snack for a potluck. The recipe as written comes as gluten-free and keto-approved, but you can also opt for substitutions to make it fully vegan and dairy-free. 

10. This next veggie pizza recipe is a good choice if you like the idea of zucchini-based pizzas but need a bit more to fill you up.

Zucchini boat veggie pizza.

 => Click here for the recipe

For this veggie pizza recipe, instead of slicing zucchini horizontal-style for mini-round pizzas, you are going to take a full zucchini and cut it in half. Then, the recipe calls for scooping out some of that zucchini insides and replacing it with a savory filling.

This recipe utilizes a faux meat interior, but you could stuff those zucchinis with your choice of roasted vegetables as well. You might even get your family’s favorite zucchini toppings and fill each zucchini boat individually so that everyone gets to enjoy their own personalized pizza complete with their favorite pizza toppings.  

11. Zucchinis aren’t the only vegetable you can fill with good things. Check out this alternative take veggie pizzas that make sweet potatoes the crust. 

Stuffed sweet potato veggie pizza.

 => Click here for the recipe

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Why is it that sweet potatoes only really come out for Thanksgiving and winter holidays? Sweet potatoes are a perfect balance of sweet and savory and come packed with nutrients that everyone could use more of.

So why not utilize them more in your own recipes by using them in more non-traditional ways, such as what is done with this pizza stuffed sweet potato recipe that really makes it easy to load up the toppings.

12. Or, how about some Portobello mushrooms as your crust?

Portobello mushroom vegie pizza.

 => Click here for the recipe

Portobello mushrooms are truly a culinary delight. These massive types of mushrooms have a very unique, meaty flavor and texture. This delicious veggie pizza recipe starts with six medium or large Portobello mushroom caps and walks you through how to best clean and marinate them for a delicious, crispy texture.

This recipe also provides a nice array of toppings and precise baking instructions. As written, these Portobello mushroom pizzas are vegan, but you can also choose to go a little rogue and swap in some dairy ingredients. 

13. Now let’s go back to some more traditionally-styled veggie pizzas with this peppery take.

Peppery veggie pizza on pizza stone.

 => Click here for the recipe

You are going to want to be a fan of bell peppers in order to try out this pizza. That’s because bell peppers are the primary topping with other flavors, including basil and garlic, are included to bring out the sweet taste of those peppers.

You can also opt to make this a very colorful veggie pizza by choosing a bag of various colored bell peppers, slicing them up together, and going for a randomized topping spread.

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14. Were you excited about the color possibilities of that bell peppery veggie pizza? If so, then you will love this rainbow veggie pizza that stars all the main colors. 

Colorful rainbow veggie pizza.

 => Click here for the recipe

Yes, this is a true rainbow veggie pizza, with each color you bite in offering another unique and delicious taste. You will have bell peppers for your green and yellows, but also broccoli for the deepest green.

Grape tomatoes offer a deliciously sweet red, red onions for a darker red/purple color, and finally the thinnest-sliced purple potatoes for that edging. Arranging them in order does provide for a gorgeous rainbow look, but you might also intersperse all the colors for a more chaotic appearance that is packed with more flavors on every bite. 

15. Or how about instead of all the colors, choosing just one color for another type of artistic (and extra healthy) pizza à la this green veggie pizza?

Green vegetable pizza.

 => Click here for the recipe

This vegetarian pizza might just be the healthiest pizza on our list of top veggie pizzas. Things start with a broccoli oat crust that is surprisingly quite tasty while also having a delicious crunch every time you bite into it.

Spread atop this green-energy crust is an herby green sauce that combines parsley, cilantro, lemon zest, olive oil, and jalapenos. Talk about your flavors! Finally, the recipe as written features a whole lot of healthy toppings including baked kale, pumpkin seeds, and zucchini. 

16. There are arguments to be had that as nutritious as the green pizza might be, the baking process makes it lose out on those nutrients. For those people, we would like to introduce Dr. Ruby Lathon’s raw veggie pizza.

Veggie pizza with cashew cheese.

 => Click here for the recipe

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Dr. Ruby’s raw pizza features cashew cheese, which will take the longest to prepare. Cashew cheese requires special ingredients that must be blended together and works ideally after chilled for three hours (this allows the cashew cheese to thicken).

Once you have your cashew cheese ready (make extra just in case you find yourself hungry for seconds after devouring the first rendition of this veggie pizza) and all of your other ingredients assembled, this raw pizza won’t take more than 30 minutes to prep. 

17. Another way to build a raw veggie pizza is via zucchini crust and cheese a la this recipe.

Zucchini pizza with mushroom.

 => Click here for the recipe

A big disclaimer on this recipe: It will require some serious prepping that involves the use of a dehydrator. While dehydrators are very useful kitchen tools, they are not yet a common one and so you may find yourself skipping this one before reading.

No problem! However, for those with a dehydrator and the patience to make a delicious, nutritious raw veggie pizza, this recipe will be perfect for you! It is very thorough and includes detailed instructions on how to make a raw crust, sauce, and zucchini cheese that you may just find yourself using for other raw, vegan recipes. 

18. Check out this hot honey vegetarian pizza when you want something sweet and savory.

Hot honey veggie pizza.

 => Click here for the recipe

Who says pizza has to be salty and savory all of the time? Sometimes, you want to satisfy that sweet tooth while also chomping in on a crispy crust loaded with ingredients. That’s why we love this premier vegetarian hot honey pizza that features hot honey drizzled all over.

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The recipe also comes with popular toppings like roasted mushrooms, red onions, and big chunks of feta cheese. You can use your favorite store-bought pizza crust or opt to make the one included in the instruction rundown. 

19. Every top list of veggie pizza recipes has to include at least one vegetarian pesto pizza recipe and this one is going to be ours. 

Vegetarian pesto pizza with asparagus.

 => Click here for the recipe

This veggie pizza is a sneaky one as it includes probably one of the most unliked vegetables, asparagus. Asparagus on pizza might seem like the vegetarian version of anchovies on pizza, but we say don’t knock it till you try it!

Asparagus is, after all, a very nutritious vegetable and this veggie pizza involves roasting them with red peppers and cremini mushrooms for a very flavorful topping mix spread across pesto and your choice of Italian blend or mozzarella cheese. 

20. Okay, why stop at one pesto pizza when there are so many fantastic pesto pizzas to try and enjoy? Pesto ones like this delightful veggie pizza that also features kale as a primary ingredient. 

Veggie pizza with kale pesto on pizza stone.

 => Click here for the recipe

This recipe starts with Trader Joe’s pizza dough but you can also sub in your own favorite dough, but, per the instructions, you absolutely can’t substitute any other pesto recipe to appreciate this one. This is a kale pesto recipe that takes about 5 minutes to whip up and enjoy.

Ingredients for it include kale, basil, garlic, and pine nuts. Once you have the kale pesto ready, it’s a quick ten minutes to spread the dough and add all the toppings, and another 20 minutes of baking before you can bite into some delicious homemade pizza. 

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21. Add in some other cultural food favorites with this Gobi Manchurian veggie pizza.

Gobi Manchurian veggie pizza.

 => Click here for the recipe

Gobi Manchurian is a delicious and popular Indian-Chinese dish that is often served either as an appetizer or side dish. This dish involves frying up cauliflower and tossing it in a sauce that is sweet, spicy, and savory all at once.

It’s quite good for any occasion, and this recipe expands those occasions by making it the big base for delicious hybrid pizza. The downside of this veggie pizza is that it does require a lot of prep and cooking time.

Set aside two hours for prepping and 50 minutes for cooking, make sure to double the ingredients if you want more than just two servings. 

22. Let’s close this list of the best veggie pizzas with one that uses a unique veggie for its sauce as well as its toppings: The butternut squash veggie pizza.

Butternut squash veggie pizza.

  => Click here for the recipe

There are plenty of vegetarian pizzas out there that will suggest roasted butternut squash as a topping, but this one is special in offering a detailed recipe for making roasted squash into a mouth-watering sauce.

You can then choose a dairy cheese or continue with the suggested recipe for homemade vegan Parmesan cheese atop which you will load on your toppings. The recipe as written calls for broccoli, red onion, and chickpeas for a nice crunch and fiber addition.