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Weber Spirit vs Genesis

Weber Spirit vs Genesis

If grilling is what is in your mind, then buying Weber products is a good idea, since the brand is the King of grills. However, dealing with the Weber spirit vs. genesis debate leaves a lot of buyers confused like it happens between Weber performer premium and deluxe grills. Naturally, shopping for a new grill can be challenging. If you end up making a wrong choice, you are sure to be heaped with criticism. Additionally, your investment will go down the drain. 

In that light, quality, durability, and opinions about different grills have to be taken into consideration. Thus this difference between weber genesis and spirit is going to come in handy for you. 

As known, the Spirit and Genesis are the two premium quality grills in this genre. Both of these offer quite a few options; however, they differ in the style of grilling. It’s up to you to select one that suits your particular grilling style, and that will take a bit of research. However, with this Weber spirit e-310 vs genesis e-310 comparison, you have most of your elements covered. 

Weber Spirit Features

Weber spirit e-310
Grill Dimensions63 * 52 * 32 Inches
Lid Dimensions45.5 * 52 * 24 Inches
Item Weight130 Pounds
Grill PowerPropane Gas
Material UsedStainless Steel
Durable Wheels2

The Weber Spirit e-310 is feature-loaded. It comes with a porcelain cast base with cast-iron cooking crates. Additionally, the lid provided with the grill is also made out of porcelain. The grill range comes with a built-in thermometer and a fold-down table on the side. Since it’s an open cart design, and is quite easy to use with its panel frame. The model features three 529 sq. inch burners.  E-310 burners meet the basic necessities of grilling and are a slight improvement over the E-210 model. The range is compatible with an LP fuel gauge. Finally, the model includes a stainless steel heat detector. 

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Weber Genesis Features

Weber genesis e-310
Grill Dimensions61 * 54 * 31 Inches
Lid Dimensions47.5 * 60 * 30 Inches
Item Weight170 Pounds
Grill PowerPropane Gas
Material UsedStainless Steel
Durable Wheels4

The Genesis II E310 is an upgraded version of the earlier Genesis II E310 series. The best part about the grill is that the knobs are located right on the front of the grill range, which gives full control over the three stainless steel burner (637 square inches). That is included in the range. The grill comes all powered with the GS4 high-performance grilling system. The grill top is porcelain coated along with iron-cast cooking crates to ensure better heat retention.  Similar to the Weber Spirit E-310, only LP fuel can be used in this range, the level of which can be monitored through the fuel gauge.  

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Who are Weber Spirit and Genesis for?

Before we set to compare Weber spirit and genesis, it’s important to determine who is the range designed for? In this regard, the Spirit grill is a starter range, which is ideal to be used by new or beginner level grillers. The Genesis range is a tad bit upgraded and is ideal for experienced grillers open to trying out a few experiments. 

No matter which grills is selected; there are certain features that are standard for all Weber products. These include the GS4 grilling system and iGrill3 technology. However, the Genesis grills have a few upgrades and additions which are an addition on the standard features included with the Spirit models. 

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Similarities Between Weber Genesis and Spirit

While discussing the Weber spirit ii vs. genesis ii, it’s also important to focus on the similarities between the two ranges. For starters, both the Spirit and Genesis grills are compatible with iGrill 3 (with a greater focus on the later) Even though Genesis has more features than the Spirit version, both of these come powered with an improved GS4 grilling system.

Both the Genesis and Sprit has the iGrill 3 integration. IGrill is Weber’s home brand of Bluetooth meat thermometer, which is one of a kind. Both the grill ranges have the thermometer placed on the side of the grill. The Bluetooth can be connected to the phone via an app, which lets the user monitor the temperature of up to four different types of meat being cooked. The app also sends an alert to the phone when the cooking is complete. This feature comes in very handy, especially if there is a party at home and the users will have to mingle with the guests. 

Both of the grills have flavorizer bars installed over the flames and under the cooking surface. These bars prevent the grease drippings from flaring up. Secondly, they add a certain bit of flavor to the food. If the flavorizer bars fail to catch the drippings, the advanced grease management mechanism vaporizes them to a grease collection pan. The pan can be cleaned easily and does not take a lot of time. 

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Additionally, both of the grills are covered with a 10-year guarantee slab. In both cases, the guarantee extends to all parts of the grill. However, it does not cover any damage resulting from misuse. 

Spirit vs. Genesis – The Difference in Detail

difference between weber genesis and spirit

There are multiple points of difference between the two ranges. For starters, the Weber Spirit grills have been designed with a “bare bone†grill image in mind, while the Genesis series grills are more advanced and have a lot of additional features. For instance, some Genesis II models include a sear section and an enclosed cart. Additionally, the Genesis range includes more burners with higher BTU numbers than the Spirit range. 

However, this does not mean that the Weber Genesis series cannot be operated by beginners. It just comes with some extra whistles and knobs which comes in handy for people who have already got the hang of grilling. So, in that case, the other point of difference between the two grills is the level of experience of the user. 

The Weber spirit grill range is quite high quality and grills to perfection. These are quite simple when compared to the Genesis and are thus less expensive. This is an ideal option for those who grill once or twice, whereas the Genesis in best for those who grill on a regular basis, setting the third point of difference between the two ranges. In short, the Genesis grill is for advanced level grillers, while the Spirit is for beginners. 


Even after highlighting the similarities and differences, choosing between the two can be confusing. The choice heavily depends on the available budget and how people are planning on using it. 

The Spirit models, as mentioned earlier, are more affordable, smaller, and are easier to store. The Genesis models, on the other hand, are quite big and suited for individuals who have experience with grills. These grills are ideal to be used in parties or gathering where a large amount of food has to be prepared. Both of the ranges have quite a few useful similarities, thereby making a choice easy to some extent.