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Louisiana Grills Champion Review

Louisiana Grills Champion Review

Cooking at home is fun. Especially when we are cooking some special dishes like fresh, delicious topped pizzas with an extra dash of cheese (provolone or mozzarella) on it. Though you might feel it is difficult to cook a restaurant-style pizza at home, there is nothing difficult if you have the right equipment to cook. Here we are talking about having the perfect pizza oven to cook a delicious pizza. We have recently come across The Louisiana Grills vertical pellet smoker grill, which is one of the biggest produced vertical pellet smokers ever.

When it comes to the practicality of the Louisiana Grills Champion Pellet Grill, it is a large-sized portable electric grill that will help you with finding the perfect spot in your backyard to keep it and cook delicious pizzas such as Neapolitan and Sicilian style pizzas and much more.

Louisiana Grills Champion Pellet Grill Review

Louisiana Grills Champion Pellet Grill
Dimensions30.1 in X 70.8 in X 74.8 in
Accessories includedGrill cover
Grill ColorBlack
Product weight402 lb
Material usedPorcelain-coated cast iron, steel
Grill wheelsFour wheels
Grill features12″ Or More Of Head Space
Fuel typePellets
Hopper capacity27 lb
Grate and Grill warrantyFive years

Notable Features: , Adjustable Air Vents, Automatic Auger, Automatic Shut-Off, Digital Temperature Control, Enclosed Cabinet, Heat Thermometer, Warming Rack

Louisiana Grills Verical Pellet Smoker Review

Dimensions50 in X 29 in X 27 in
Accessories includedPorcelain Stainless steel Upper Cooking Grid, Meat probe
Grill ColorStainless Steel
Product weight154 lb
Material usedPorcelain-coated cast iron, steel
Grill wheelsFour wheels
Grill featuresDigital Control Center
Fuel typePellets
Hopper capacity27 lb
Grate and Grill warrantyFive years

Notable Features: , 1061 sq. inches cooking surface, Digital Control center oven board, Programmable meat probe, Heavy duty castors, Direct/Indirect flame cooking


  1. Attractive outer finish
  2. Large cooking surface
  3. Reaches 170° hot smoke and 600° searing temperature
  4. Removable upper cooking grid


  1. The pellet burn pots has holes, the pellets could get in the fan area

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Features of Louisiana Grills Champion

The Louisiana grills vertical pellet smoker is considerably a large unit having a lot of features. Other features include a bottom cabinet for storage, side shelf with tool hooks, stay-cool handle, heavy-duty 14-gauge powder-coated steel finish, wood-fired flavour, bottle opener, and more. Following are the numerous key features of the Louisiana grills vertical pellet smoker.

1. Design

Louisiana Grills Champion Pellet Grill

The Louisiana grills vertical pellet smoker lets you experience outdoor cooking versatility to greater new heights. It is designed with a total cooking area of 3432 sq.inches along with multi-chamber smoker cabinets. This vertical pellet smoker unit has a direct and indirect flame grilling in the main barrel, cold smoking in the upper smoke cabinet, and hot smoking in the lower smoke cabinet. At the peak level of outdoor cooking, this unit is a rugged grill and a smoker with extensive features.

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2. Easy Set-Up

Louisiana grills vertical smokers can be easily assembled. Though it is a large unit, there are a lot of parts that can be fully assembled at a staggering 460 pounds. If you are using every single chamber, then you should expect it to take you a while to get everything cleaned up after the use. The grill grates are porcelain-enamelled, which helps in keeping the food from sticking and leaving marks. They can be easily removed if you wash them in soapy water. The special porcelain coating is also effective in preventing rust.

3. Type

Louisiana champion grill has a basic construction with a direct vent pellet grill. It is a unit that has a firebox on one side and a smokestack on the other. The heat passes through the unit from the firebox to the smokestack. Moreover, the first stage of control in the Louisiana grills vertical smoker is the digital control panel located on the firebox. The user can set the pellet burner temperature ranging between 180 to 600 degrees. When the unit accomplishes the temperature, the user can see the smoke output that they ever wanted. Then the user can easily adjust the dampers to control the cooking compartment. 

4. Portability

The smoker custom is constructed on a small trailer frame. The size of this vertical pellet smoker is large and heavy to move it from one place to another. We would suggest you to first disassemble it and assemble it in the location where you wish to use it.

This vertical pellet grill smoker has a great storage cabinet. The cabinet can be wide enough to wrap meat, foil, a bag of pellets, and store sheet pans. There is also a side table that brings comfort to keep things like a bottle of barbeque sauce. A propane burner can also fit on the side table with room to spare.

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5. Insulation

The Louisiana grill vertical pellet smoker is designed with heavy-duty 14-gauge steel which can hold the temperature at best. The only way to use a unit is to heat before cooking before is to load it up front before you start. Then reduce the temperature to your desired cooking temperature to get better results.

6. Capacity

Louisiana Grills Champion Pellet Grill11

This Louisiana grills champion is large with a cooking area of 3432 sq. Inches. The user can easily use this upright pellet smoker in a family reunion or a block party. This vertical pellet smoker’s compartment comprises removable shelves. Moreover, every compartment delivers a unique performance. In most cases, the user can cook two ways at once in this unit. It has hot smoke on the grill side and medium temperature smoke in the cabinet side.

7. Grilling Performance

Louisiana grills champions can go as low as 60 degrees for cold smoking in a side cabinet or roar as high as 600 for searing off steaks over the broiler plate. In this vertical pellet smoker unit, the main chamber has removable grates. This unit is the best choice if you wish to cook grilled and smoky pizza. The lower cabinet performs as a warming rack.

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If you have already made your mind about getting a vertical pellet grill smoker, then Louisiana grills champion is the best as it delivers a high-quality grill experience. The unit has been designed for maximum results. This unit is available in the online store at affordable prices. Happy Shopping!

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