Best Commercial Pizza Oven

Best Commercial Pizza Oven 2020

Are you starting a new food business? Or are refurbishing the old one? Americans have grown highly fond of pizzas, and so, the baking businesses have seen a lot of hype since decades. If you own a bakery, or a restaurant, or would like to start with a street food business, the commercial pizza oven will definitely give a boost to your business.

This is because commercial pizza ovens for restaurants serve in different ways like they help them in preparing large pizzas, saves time by preparing them faster and it not only helps in pizza preparation, it is useful for preparing several other dishes too.

In this article, we will guide you through different types of commercial pizza ovens, top commercial pizza oven brands, and how to choose a commercial pizza oven for your business easily.

Top Commercial Pizza Oven Reviews

When we review an oven, we look for it’s overall usability and how well can it be utilized as per the size, structure and nature of the organization. Be it an independent outlet or a chain of restaurants, choosing the right commercial oven at the start reduces the restaurant’s long term costs. So, here, we present to you the top commercial pizza ovens that we found best in the market.

1. VBENLEM 14” Commercial Pizza Oven

VBENLEM 14" - commercial pizza oven temperature


  • Cooks upto 14″ of Pizzas
  • High-Quality heat-proof materials
  • Can Bake several dishes


  • Takes more time to cook as compared to the other ovens

A pizza oven with high-quality stainless steel materials which looks stylish and is durable with a long service life is Vbenlem’s 14” commercial pizza oven. This oven’s handle is made with high-quality plastic and the door with explosion-proof glass.

You can adjust this commercial pizza oven temperature as per your dish’s requirements. The panel on the oven also gives you buttons that you can use while preparing different dishes.

This means the temperatures are preset for various dishes like pizza, subs, pretzels and many such baking dishes. It is a small commercial pizza oven which can be kept on the countertop yet it consumes the least amount of space. It is an electric pizza oven with 110 Volt of input with 3000 watts of power.

2. Wisco-620 Commercial Convection Countertop Oven

Wisco-620 - pizza ovens for restaurants


  • Small – So fits anywhere
  • Can prepare several dishes
  • Uses limited amount of electricity


  • Can cook only upto 12″ of Pizzas
  • Unclear setup may lead to uneven browning

A commercial convection pizza oven whose temperature ranges from 100-450 degrees Fahrenheit is a Wisco-620 commercial convection oven. This model is very precise and has the feature of adjust-ability in terms of time and temperature.

The oven works based on air circulation inside the oven. Air circulation happens due to the high-speed fan that distributes the air inside the oven.

This product’s dimensions are 18*19*14.2 inches which is in terms of length, breadth and height respectively.  As compared to the conventional electric ovens, this ovens aims to cut down approximately 30% of the electricity cost. You can not only prepare pizzas, but also several other dishes like bacon, pie and every dish that can be baked. Wisco’s 421 Pizza oven is also a great pick if you would like to go for an electric oven.

3. Ooni Pro Outdoor Pizza Oven

wood fired pizza oven commercial


  • Compatible with charcoal, wood as well as propane gas
  • Can cook upto 16″ of pizzas
  • Includes safety gloves
  • Heat-proof materials


  • Airflow inside the oven doesn’t have space to come out
  • Entire oven gets hot while using

Among all the commercial pizza oven designs, the Ooni Pro outdoor has the biggest model and is the most versatile among all. You can prepare 16” pizzas in this oven. This is also a portable oven which means you can take along with you whenever you travel.

Of Course, because of its size, it is heavy, and so, if you are travelling with this oven, you need to go for road trips and with a vehicle that can handle this product.

You can start this oven with your choice of fuel and temperature can be increased highest till 932 degrees Fahrenheit. With this oven, you can prepare Neapolitan style pizza in just 60 seconds. You can prepare gas-powered as well as wood-fired pizza with this commercial oven. You can also check out Uuni 3 Pizza oven which is a wood-fired oven.

4. VEVOR Commercial Pizza Oven

VEVOR - small commercial pizza oven


  • It is a wood-fired countertop pizza oven
  • Easy to clean
  • Can bake several dishes


  • Temperatures are displayed in celsius and not in fahrenheit
  • Doesn’t have a butto to turn of the oven

Again, a commercial pizza oven, made with high-quality stainless steel which makes it look stylish and the oven is durable with a long service life is Vevor Commercial Pizza Oven. It has multi-functional temperature properties and can prepare your dish within 0 to 120 mins.

This is done using different temperature controls on the panel. You can bake a number of dishes with this oven like pizza, subs, pretzels and many more.

The oven has dual baking elements with independent control panels that make cooking faster. It has 110 volts of input and 3000 watts of power. The oven doesn’t have a rack, the pizza is prepared on the blue stone i.e. traditional style of cooking pizza which makes it rustic, authentic and Italian style.

5. Omcan 11387 Conveyor Commercial Oven

Omcan 11387 - commercial wood burning pizza oven


  • Long-Lasting
  • Easy to Use
  • Relatively afordable


  • Quite heavy
  • Takes little longer to cook pizzas as compared to other commercial ovens

The Omcan 11387 conveyor commercial oven is one of the best commercial pizza ovens with a capacity of preparing 16 to 19 pizzas in an hour. Doesn’t that sound great? A restaurant focusing on going for a pizza outlet can have this oven in their kitchen for quick and authentic tasting pizzas.

The temperature at which it works is between 60 to 260 degrees Fahrenheit. This equipment has variable speed controls and can adjust top as well as bottom heat controls. Along with pizzas, you can also prepare bread, bagels and more such baked dishes.

Different Types of Commercial Pizza Ovens

Even if you are not starting up with an all-pizza restaurant, with this commercial oven you can prepare pizzas, pies, and many such dishes that taste yummy-licious. Here are the types of pizza ovens that you got to choose from.

1. Brick Ovens

Let’s start with the most traditionally prepared pizzas. Commercial Brick Pizza oven were the part of the most traditional pizza recipes. Made with heat-resistant bricks, these ovens are the most favorite for the authentic, crispy, rustic and typical Italian pizza taste. 

These ovens have evolved from just brick structures to brick wood-burning ovens. Commercial wood-burning pizza ovens feature constructive elements that help in cooking with a combination of reflection, convection and conductive heat.

2. Convection Ovens

A multi-purpose oven that not only cooks pizzas, but also other dishes. So, if you have an all-round restaurant that serves different dishes, then this is the best type of pizza oven for you. This countertop convection oven is a compact size oven that takes the least space in your kitchen compared to the other commercial ovens.

This oven uses air circulation to bake dishes, unlike the other pizza ovens where the conveyor belt is used. This, in turn, reduces the energy costs of your restaurant.

3. Conveyor Ovens

In Conveyor Ovens, the pizzas are pulled in through the cooking chamber using a conveyor belt. Unlike other commercial pizza ovens, these ovens don’t require much preheating. With a little preheat time, it serves you the tasty pizza.

A conveyor one is an excellent choice for the one’s looking for a different pizza menu in their restaurant. It cooks pizzas in automated pizzas and is prepared for a constant flow of pizzas. This automatic process requires the least human intervention or supervision.

4. Deck Ovens

If you wish to have pizzas that taste as authentic and crispy as the ones you get in a Brick oven, but, do not have that much space in your kitchen, then you can go for Deck Ovens. These ovens tend to be prepared for moderate levels of workload. The design of the deck oven is made with metal, brick, stone and ceramics.

In this commercial pizza oven, the temperature can be controlled by the chef and hence, can prepare customized pizza. The design of the deck oven is simple, due to which it is easier to clean this oven.

How to Choose Best Commercial Pizza Ovens

Although, you now know different types of commercial pizza ovens, choosing one is quite tricky as it involves high cost and long term usage. To help you with that, here, we will clear your major doubts relating to the purchase of a commercial oven.

1. Type of Pizza to be Served

The type of pizza you wish to serve your customers also decides what kind of equipment must you have in your kitchen. Do you want to serve a Neapolitan style pizza, Chicago-style pizza or a New york-style pizza? Do you wish to serve a thick base pizza or a thin crust one? A convection oven can prepare multiple pizzas at a time.

If you wish to serve fast and casual dining experience, then a gas oven with a rotating deck is the best option for you. And for Neapolitan pizza, the best experience you can give to your customers is with a wood-fired pizza oven.

So, as per the type of service you wish to cater to your customers, you can choose your commercial pizza oven.

2. Available Space

Another very important aspect to consider while choosing a commercial pizza oven in the space that you can provide to this oven in your kitchen. The layout and design of your kitchen create a huge impact on your efficiency. The kitchen should be designed in a form which makes the work easier, which will ultimately be helpful during rush hours.

If you have a limited amount of space, then you must go for a convection oven. Although this increases the time taken for preparing a pizza, it would be a better option for a small kitchen.

If you have a tall but narrow space then, you can go for a deck oven, and if you have enough huge space, then you can go for a brick or a conveyor oven.

3. Commercial Pizza Oven Budget

Of course, the investment you would like to make in the current scenario matters the most while you are thinking of purchasing a commercial oven. Among the 4 types of pizza ovens, convection ovens are the least expensive, ranging between $100 to $1000. The conveyor oven is an expensive one, but it has the least amount of maintenance cost. Deck ovens come in different price ranges depending on the configurations you are looking for. And, a brick oven is highly dependent on who builds it for you. For this, you can check our buying guide on the outdoor fireplace with a pizza oven too.

Wrapping Up

Starting up a food business is an overwhelming experience, and at Piaci Pizza, we try to help you out with all you need while building a pizza restaurant starting from scratch till the final product i.e. your pizza. Hence, we tried our hand at helping you in choosing the best commercial pizza oven for your organization.

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  1. These are good ovens with compact design, nowadays people love to have wood fired pizza. To make perfect pie commercial pizza ovens equipped with the latest technologies while using woodfire and some ovens can make pizza within just 90 seconds.

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