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Buying Guide: Outdoor Fireplace with Pizza Oven

From discussing a movie to spending some quality time with family, gathering around a fire is the best way out on a chilly night. Humans have gathered around the fire since the mists of time. Today, outdoor fireplaces are getting popular as it brings the family and friends together and sets up the vibe. And how can we forget the Americans’ Love for Pizza.

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Having an Outdoor fireplace on the deck or patio is the best move for a house owner, not only because it brings the cozy vibe but also it gets a better resale value for your property. And what better than having an Outdoor fireplace with pizza oven. Just a small increase in the height or the width can accommodate a pizza oven with your outdoor fireplace. If you are considering purchasing an outdoor fireplace with pizza oven, you can go for a portable commercial pizza oven like Uuni 3 pizza oven or if you are planning to build one, then do read further.

5 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Fireplace with Pizza Oven

1. Design

outdoor fireplace pizza oven design

Designing is the most important aspect while planning for an outdoor fireplace with pizza oven. There are countless outdoor fireplace designs available on the Internet. You need to select a design that should enhance the beauty of your yard and not blemish it.

If you are hiring a contractor for a custom-built outdoor fireplace pizza oven then you can design it in the traditional way by using bricks, stone or stucco. You can also extend the hearth or floor of the fireplace or add some fancy tiles to the fireplace but adding more accessories to the fireplace will increase the materials and also the labor costs.

prefabricated outdoor fireplace pizza oven

Custom builds are considerably more expensive than a prefabricated outdoor fireplace. Modular outdoor fireplace pizza ovens offer traditional designs featuring bricks and stone or modern designs with granite, ceramic and metal. We recommend purchasing a prefabricated fireplace and customizing the façade with a thin layer of stone, stucco or brick to give that traditional effect and also this will optimize your build cost.

2. Location

outdoor fireplace and pizza oven combination plans

After purchasing or building an outdoor fireplace with a combination of pizza oven, the first thing that comes to mind is the place to keep it. Options are backyard, deck, patio or in an open garden or any outdoor living space. Before choosing a location ask yourself whether you want to prepare meals in the fireplace and serve it in some other area or you want to add some seating area beside the outdoor fireplace.

outdoor pizza oven fireplace combo patio

A backyard is generally considered as an outdoor living area. So, if you already have seating arrangements in your backyard then adding an outdoor fireplace to it should be your best bet. You can place the fireplace against a wall or in some corner, to get the other area as the focal point. If you have a larger backyard then consider placing the fireplace in a separate patio where the focal point will be your fireplace. A free-standing fireplace should match the surrounding of the patio or a deck.

Considering the size of the fireplace, a 12 foot x 12 foot patio can accommodate a small fireplace pizza oven combo whereas to fit a larger fireplace you’ll require at least 18 foot x 18 foot patio.

3. Safety

how close to your home can you build a outdoor fireplace

The location of your outdoor fireplace pizza oven should not bother your neighbors or nearby structures. While finalizing the location for your outdoor fireplace and pizza oven combo, you should also consider safety measures. Your outdoor fireplace must meet the fire standards for the area. You need to consult your local city planning office or check your property line setbacks to see how close a fireplace can be from the existing structures.

If you are placing the fireplace in your patio then check how tall the chimney must be in accordance with the top of the structure. If the placement is in the backyard or in an open area then look out for hanging branches of trees. Hanging branches or shrubs need to be trimmed timely to avoid any mishap.

Note: Store a fire extinguisher near the outdoor fireplace in case of emergency.

4. Privacy

One more point to add while considering the location will be the Privacy. Of course you need privacy for that private and relaxing setting. Keep the back of your outdoor fireplace to the neighbors so that it itself acts as a privacy wall. Also, make sure you do not block your own door with the fireplace.

5. Budget

The last point to consider is the budget. The budget totally depends on the features and amenities you want to add to your outdoor fireplace and pizza oven. When considering a custom-built by a stone mason, your budget should be above $3000 + the additional features you want to add. If you want a larger fireplace then the prices can be 10 times more than a smaller one. 

A prefabricated or modular outdoor fireplace pizza oven will be considerably less expensive. It starts from as low as $1500. You can get a good outdoor modular fireplace in the range of $2000 to $5000 with a traditional or modern design.

Our Opinion

Above mentioned points should help you finalize the location, size, and the design you want for your fireplace. After considering all the aspects we would recommend having a prefabricated outdoor fireplace with pizza oven and customizing it with a thin layer of stone to the facade and place it in the backyard with some chairs keeping the landscape as the focal point. If you wish to go for a backyard pizza oven but, not a brick oven, then you can go for the Forno Bello Pizza Oven or for a portable pizza oven, you can go for Ooni Koda Pizza Oven.

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