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Brooklyn Style Vs Thin Crust Pizza

Brooklyn Style Vs Thin Crust Pizza

Opinions about pizza from Domino’s are varied and many. However, their variety of crusts seems to be a fan-favorite. Currently popular at Domino’s are their choices of thin-crust pizza as well as Brooklyn-style pizza – which, at first glance, may seem surprisingly similar. You may have a hard time picking from these choices of pie from Domino’s, owing to the similarity in their crust and flavor profile. 

However, if you’re one to enjoy a crispy pizza crust that almost resembles a tortilla or a cracker, then you can look through these comprehensive differences between what is Domino’s Brooklyn style crust and thin-crust pizza from Domino’s to figure out which one you should get.

What Is Brooklyn Style Pizza 

what is brooklyn style pizza

As a pizza enthusiast, you may have come across pie crusts that have been different from what you’ve been used to. In terms of Brooklyn style crust vs hand tossed pizzas, the crust of the latter is often gummy and chewy. However, Brooklyn-style pizza is quite different from this, leaning more towards the thin-crust pizza varieties. 

But what is Brooklyn style crust? Brooklyn-style pizza is popular for having one of the thinnest crusts among all pizza varieties – resembling a Neapolitan pizza more than anything else. The crust of the Brooklyn-style pizza is so thin and crispy, with each slice being quite sizeable, that you can fold your pizza slice to eat it.

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During the preparation process, the dough used in making the Brooklyn-style is minimal – and it is stretched as much as possible, while still allowing for toppings. Once baked, you’re greeted with a distinctly non-doughy flavor and a crispy crust that feels lighter than most pizzas. 

Additionally, cornmeal is dusted onto the bottom of the pizza crust to make it crispier during the baking process. In addition to this, the texture of the Brooklyn-style pie is significantly airier than the ordinarily springy crust that you must be used to. 

Naturally, this means different periods of time in kneading your dough, as well as a different baking temperature and duration as well. The most common components that make an excellent Brooklyn-style pizza slice are tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, as well as large meat toppings (primarily pepperoni). However, it is quite different from the Domino’s Thin Crust Pizzas – though both may resemble each other at first glance. 

What Is Domino’s Thin Crust Pizza 

Domino's thin crust pizza

Similarly, the crunchy thin crust Domino’s pizza is different from all other pizza crusts offered at Domino’s. As the name suggests, the crust is thinner than the classic hand-tossed crusts you may find at Domino’s, making this an excellent option to opt for if the favorite part of your slice is the toppings. 

With the thin crust pizza, most of the emphasis is based on the fullness of the toppings, rather than the crust itself. This makes the crust crunchier and crispier than traditionally made pizzas, drawing a line of distinction between this and other pizzas from Domino’s. 

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The dough is significantly flatter and leaves you feeling as though you’re enjoying a cracker with cheese and toppings, rather than a slice of pizza. While this description may sound similar to the Brooklyn-style pizza offered at Domino’s as well, there are minute differences to look out for if you have a certain preference for your pizza. 

Difference Between Domino’s Brooklyn Style Vs Thin Crust Pizza 

As said before, there are some distinctive features to look out for when getting yourself either the Domino’s Brooklyn Style vs thin crust pizza – mainly in terms of the toppings, sauce used, the dough and the crust.

1. Dough

While at first glance the dough for the Brooklyn style vs thin crust pizza from Domino’s might look exceedingly similar, they differ in terms of a crucial ingredients. Both the Brooklyn style pie as well as the thin crust one undergo the same procedures in terms of the kneading and baking process. 

A small ball of dough is utilised, which is then stretched thin and over a large surface area in order to bring about the crunchiness of the texture. With relation to the thin-crust pizza, the flour is added with olive oil, water, salt, and yeast. Similarly, the Brooklyn-style pizza is produced with the same ingredients. 

However, the key difference lies in the fact that the Brooklyn-style pizza makes use of some additional cornmeal. This cornmeal is responsible for making the Brooklyn-style pizza even crispier, since it is the cornmeal that holds the dough together before the baking process. If you get a store-bought batch of pizza dough to make a brooklyn style pizza at home, make sure to add some cornmeal to the dough mixture white kneading.

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2. Crust 

While the most defining feature for both these pizzas is the thinness of their crusts, setting them apart from other types of pizzas, there lie some differences in how these thin crusts come about for each of these pizzas – especially as to what’s Brooklyn style crust. 

For the ordinary thin crust pizza from Domino’s, the crust is prepared in the same way as most other pizzas. A small amount of dough is taken which is then kneaded and then stretched to the thinnest width possible, making sure that it is sturdy enough for a variety of toppings. 

The crust is then baked once again after the toppings have been put on it – making the procedure akin to most pizzas. Brooklyn-style pizza, on the other hand, has a light dusting of cornmeal. 

As mentioned before, cornmeal is what gives our Brooklyn-style pizza from Domino’s a distinctive flavor as well as a unique, cracker-like texture that sets it apart from any slice of pizza you might have had. It is often said that while both the thin-crust pizza and the Brooklyn-style pizza from Domino’s have the thinnest crusts, the former is substantially more so. 

3. Sauce

Perhaps the biggest and most noticeable differences between the Brooklyn-style pizza and the thin-crust pizza lies in the sauce used for each of them. After with the crust, the sauce is often the second-most important component of any good pizza. In Brooklyn-style pizzas at Domino’s, more often than not, a tomato paste is used instead of the tomato sauce that has become synonymous with the tanginess of pizzas from Domino’s. Just like the subtle difference of marinara and pizza sauce, tomato paste and tomato sauce can too, sometimes be a bit difficult to tell apart.

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This tomato paste may be somewhat fuller to those who are used to the tomato sauce, since the latter provides a sweet and salty aftertaste to the pizza. The tomato paste has the lingering flavor of tomatoes, making it especially potent – and may thus overpower the taste of the toppings. 

However, the sauce for the Brooklyn-style pizza differs between different branches of Domino’s. The thin-crust pizza, contrarily, uses the good old tomato sauce that you’re probably used to at Domino’s. The tanginess and flavor profile of this tomato sauce envelopes the toppings harmoniously.

4. Toppings 

It can be said that the cheese and toppings for both the thin-crust pizza, as well as the Brooklyn-style pizza, are very similar. As most pizzas made at Domino’s, the cheese and toppings for the thin-crust pizza are almost the same. 

With the base as mozzarella cheese, the most popular toppings to be used on the thin-crust pizza are pepperoni – since the combination of pepperoni and mozzarella can incorporate the tangy flavor of the sauce exceedingly well. On the other hand, the cheese used in a Brooklyn-style pizza is quite unique – being made with whole milk mozzarella as well as provolone cheese.


As a pizza enthusiast, you may have your specific go-to pizza crusts and toppings from Domino’s – tried and tested. Offering a myriad of options both in terms of crusts and toppings, Domino’s strives to allow for the most accessible pizza to all their customers. 

Pick between the Brooklyn-style pizza and the thin-crust pizza, whatever appeals to you more – and you might just have a new favorite go-to order at Domino’s!

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