Butcher Paper vs Parchment Paper – Everything you need to know!

There are a lot of papers and wrapping sheets that get used in various processes included in cooking. This includes various kinds of things like plastic wrap, aluminium foil, butcher paper, wax paper and parchment paper. As you would expect, all of these different papers get used for different kinds of things because of their given properties.

But if you are into barbecuing or baking, then you must have heard about grilling with parchment paper and butcher paper in the past. Both of these papers can be handy for cooking as well as food preparations before you even start cooking. As a result, a lot of you might be confused between parchment paper vs butcher paper. You can find a lot of details regarding the difference between butcher paper and parchment paper by going through this article until the end.

What is Butcher Paper?

What is Butcher Paper

A butcher paper is a heavy-duty paper that is mainly used for wrapping meat which you might use for grilling and BBQ. These papers are available in both sheets and rolls as per your convenience. As for its construction, it has low lignin along with caustic soda and sulfide mixture for high strength.


  1. Heat resistance
  2. Various colour options
  3. High construction strength
  4. High density
  5. Quite affordable
  6. Prepared for consuming meat
  7. Available in sheet and rolls


  1. Not ideal for wet food
  2. Does not resist stickiness
  3. Might be poisonous for some food items
  4. Does not contain greasiness

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When to use Butcher Paper?

As per its name, a butcher paper is mainly used to wrap meat and fish once you get it from the butcher shop. This allows you to easily take the meat back to your home because of its strength and makes for a great protective cover. While butcher paper cannot be used for grilling directly on a high flame, it can certainly be used for smoking your meat while keeping it covered for controlled smoking. Some users also use butcher paper as a fire starter in their grill as this paper burns really well and can be a great starter fuel for your charcoal or wood pellets.

What is Parchment Paper?

what is Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is used in the cooking process of a lot of food items in your kitchen. This paper is made out of cellulose that has very useful properties. The main purpose of this paper is to line cooking utensils instead of greasing them to get a non-stick cooking surface.


  1. Offers non-stick surface
  2. Heat resistive
  3. It’s waterproof
  4. Can also be used for decoration purposes
  5. Grease resistance for cooking
  6. Can be used multiple times
  7. High-density paper
  8. Ideal for cooking in an oven


  1. Tears apart relatively easily
  2. Only comes in a single colour
  3. Low strength compared to butcher paper

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When to use Parchment Paper?

The major usage of parchment paper is to line or cover the insides of any given cooking utensil before you start cooking in it. This simply offers a non-stick surface to the user so that you can take out your food items easily later on. While you can grease your utensils to get the same effect, that might affect the taste and even increase the oil content of your dish.

Other than that, some users can also be seen grilling with parchment paper since it can easily withstand high temperatures. This can be simply done by wrapping brisket in parchment paper and placing it on top of the grill for a very different taste.

Is Parchment Paper the same as Butcher Paper?

Now that you know about both of these paper types, you might be interested in knowing about things like can I use parchment paper instead of butcher paper or can I use parchment paper for brisket grilling. Thankfully, this is possible in a few cases because of their similarities.

Both of these sheets are made out of paper pulp that results in similar texture and flexibility. You also get very similar heat resistance in both of these papers, making them ideal for grilling and smoking your meats. And you can easily find both of these in rolls to cover up a lot of meat with ease.

Difference Between Parchment Paper and Butcher Paper

Even though these papers have a few similarities, they also their differences because of which you might want to use them for different cooking needs and requirements. The first difference between butcher paper and parchment paper is their construction and chemicals used. While butcher paper uses sulfide and caustic soda along with the paper pulp, parchment paper uses only sulphuric acid and silicone in a few cases along with the paper pulp that results in different properties.

Other than this, their traditional usage is different from each other as butcher paper is used for cooking meats and parchment paper is used in an oven such as the electric oven. Although, you can adapt them for similar usage in a few cases. While it might not directly affect your cooking requirements, butcher paper and parchment paper have completely different colour options.

In comparing the difference between butcher paper vs parchment paper, parchment paper only comes in a single colour and butcher paper comes in multiple colour options. Having multiple colour options can be quite handy if you care about the aesthetics of your food dishes as you can match it with the meat colour. Apart from this, since butcher paper is not moisture resistant, it is not non-stick like parchment paper.


Once you have gone through this article along with all the parchment paper vs butcher paper details, you must be able to easily choose the perfect one for you. You can also find answers to questions like can I use parchment paper instead of butcher paper or is parchment paper the same as butcher paper in this article.

Since we have mentioned the details between butcher paper vs parchment paper in-depth, you must be able to pick the right one for your cooking requirements. But if you still have any questions or doubts regarding these papers, then make sure to leave your questions and doubts in the comments section down below.

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