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22 Best Flatbread Pizza Recipes

22 Best Flatbread Pizza Recipes

How many times have you tossed a frozen pizza into the oven and called it a day? While this is a super easy dinner, it doesn’t lend itself to a lot of customization. What happens if you want to eat a diet that is rich in vegetables?

What if you are tired of the flavor of frozen pizza? The truth is that making a flatbread pizza from scratch is not super difficult. In fact, you’ll find that many of these flatbread recipes are easy, fun, and tasty.

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1. First Time Making a Flatbread? Let’s Start With the Basics

Pile of flat breads on a wooden board.

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If you’ve ever been to a restaurant and ordered a flatbread, you may have tried a basic flatbread with a thin, buttery crust and all your favorite toppings. This recipe is so easy to make, which is why it’s first on the list. You don’t need many ingredients, and flatbread cooks more quickly than a traditional pizza.

Plus, this recipe gives you enough dough to make two tasty flatbreads. In just seven steps, you’ve got a tasty pizza with any toppings you desire.

2. Once You’ve Got the Basics, Let’s Try Another Variation

Italian pizza with Mozzarella cheese, salami, pepper, pepperoni, olives, Spices and Fresh arugula on wooden table background.

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This restaurant-style flatbread uses yeast, so it’s not unlike a traditional pizza dough in some sense. This recipe elevates the traditional flatbread, so you will see that there are some adjustments in this recipe. Aside from the toppings, you only need yeast, honey, flour, olive oil, and sea salt to make this come together.

Once you make your first flatbread, you’ll find that letting the yeast rise is much simpler than you thought. This recipe comes with a few topping ideas, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to check out different flavor pairings.

3. And Now For Something Very Different (With Fruit!)

Rectangular flat pizza with peach, pesto, and argula on top on a wooden table background.

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So, you may not always have time to make your own flatbread dough, and that’s alright. This recipe acknowledges your busy life and instead encourages the use of store-bought naan flatbread so that you can throw together this quick and tasty pizza. Plus, this pizza is vegetarian.

Grill your peaches, open your burrata, and go ahead and spring for store-bought pesto. Honey and arugula seal the deal on this pizza, even if you love your traditional pepperoni. Best of all, you can assemble your flatbread while it’s on the grill, which is wildly convenient if you are trying to cook in a pinch.

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4. Now that You’re a Flatbread Pro, Try This Steak & Gorgonzola Recipe

Top view of pizza flatbread with figs, prosciutto, arugula and cheese on wooden serving board over black concrete background.

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Once you’ve made a few flatbreads, it’s time to try this one. It looks fancy, but it’s actually a lot easier to make than you probably think. Plus, you can cook this dish as an appetizer or a main course.

If you are having guests over for dinner, this is a must-have. The key with this flatbread is to use a steak that you enjoy, like a ribeye, flank, or New York strip. You can even marinate the steaks ahead of time to get more flavor.

In fact, you can even use leftover steak from the night before. Seriously, this recipe is beyond simple.

5. In Just 40 Minutes, You’ve Got a Mediterranean Pizza Worthy of Applause

Close-up of a pizza tray holding a freshly baked Mediterranean-style pizza inside on a gray table.

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Whether you make your own flatbread crust or you substitute a storebought crust, you’ll love this. The meat and vegetables are heavily layered on top, giving the pizza a homemade spin either way. What exactly is on top of this pizza?

All the traditional Mediterranean toppings, of course. You’ll need beef or lamb, onion, spinach, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, feta, and tomatoes. If you’d like, you can add things like olives and peppers too. Make this recipe your own!

6. Turn Your Average Flatbread into a Hearty Meal Now That You’ve Got the Chops

Close-up photo of Margarita Flatbread Pizza with Tomato and Basil on a wooden serving board.

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This cheesy vegetable flatbread is a total pantry meal, allowing you to clean out the refrigerator or the cabinets so you can make a tasty dinner, complete with pesto. This recipe is amazing in that you can add so many different toppings, from arugula and pineapple to prosciutto and potatoes.

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If you don’t want to use pesto, feel free to substitute it with a tomato-based pizza sauce. The traditional recipe uses corn, peppers, olives, and tomato, but you can choose your own adventure based on your family’s preferences.

7. Sometimes the Classics Are the Best

Delectable flatbread pepperoni pizza on wooden board.

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Sometimes you just need to try something familiar. That’s where this pepperoni flatbread comes in. You can pull together this recipe in a matter of 10 minutes and with just a few ingredients.

Top your pizza with sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, red pepper flakes, and basil leaves. It may not be the most sophisticated flatbread in the bunch, but it’s definitely going to be one that reminds you of home. As I always say, the more basil the better!

8. This Flatbread Uses All the Italian Deli Favorites

Italian pizza with Mozzarella cheese, salami, pepper, pepperoni, olives, Spices and Fresh arugula on wooden table background.

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Whether you are trying to put together a light lunch or a dinner for the family, this Italian deli flatbread is the perfect opportunity to use up all those olives you’ve got in the fridge. This recipe suggests using high-quality ingredients, including red peppers, artichokes, capers, and more.

Plus, this recipe is super easy to adapt. You can use tortillas if you don’t want to make your own flatbread dough. Could it be any easier?

9. Let’s Try Our Hand at Grilling a Pizza Again

Grilled flat bread with bell peppers and feta cheese and also with ham, tomatoes and cheese on a grill steel..

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What makes this grilled flatbread different? For one, it’s got a few unique ingredients in the dough, including sour cream. This recipe also encourages whole wheat flour so that you can create a healthier meal.

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The topping suggestions are also quite unique, encouraging you to add things like ancho chile oil, cotija cheese, black beans, avocados, and pico de gallo. Grilling your flatbread is so fast that you will be surprised at how quickly your meal comes together.

10. Got BBQ Chicken? You Don’t Need Much Else

Close-up barbecue chicken and bacon pizza in the food delivery paper box.

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If you love to order BBQ chicken pizza, this is a great copycat recipe. Feel free to use naan or make your own, but the result will be a tasty Southwestern-style dish you will want to make again and again. The sauce is super easy: just add barbecue sauce! Top the chicken and cheese with red onion, bacon, and cilantro for a tasty morsel.

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to bust out the grill and make chicken you can use as a pizza topping.

11. Make Your Own Greek Flatbread . . . No Trip to the Panera Needed!

A studio shot of cheesy flatbread pizza with mushroom on top.

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Do you love Greek salad but always wish that you could throw it on a pizza? If so, this flatbread is perfect. You can make your own Panera copycat, complete with a splash of Greek dressing. While the dish is mostly Mediterranean-inspired, you can enjoy it anytime.

My favorite ingredients are the Kalamata olives and sundried tomatoes. Such a great pairing! The way these flavors come together with the dressing is truly delightful.

12. This Rustic Pizza Uses Bacon in a Surprising & Fun Way

Top view of rustic flatbread pizza with onion and bacon on top.

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What makes this pizza rustic? It could be the delicious combination of smoked bacon, cremini mushrooms, and asiago cheese. Plus, the recipe throws in asparagus to ensure you meet your daily vegetable requirements.

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While this recipe takes a bit longer than some of the other options on this list, it is also a great choice for anybody who wants to create a tasty flavor combo that is not at all common. This recipe will seriously elevate your flatbread skills. By this point, there should be no flatbread you cannot make.

13. Buffalo Chicken Isn’t Just a Side Dish for Your Pizza

Close-up flat bread pizza on a tray.

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Whether you are planning to make flatbread pizzas before a big football game or you want to have a light meal for the kids to enjoy before an outing, this buffalo chicken flatbread is perfect. It’s just a little spicy but not over the top, and you can always adjust the sauce so that the chicken is less spicy.

Plus, the ability to slow cook the chicken ahead of time means that there is going to be plenty of opportunity for leftovers. What’s not great about that?

14. Okay, You Have to Try This Garlic Pesto Sauce

Italian pizza made fresh and focaccia with tomatoes, pesto sauce, garlic, and rosemary.

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If you love garlic as much as my family does, you have to try this flatbread recipe. It’s full of fresh ingredients, like tomatoes, basil, and arugula, but its rich pesto is also loaded with garlic. You can make your own garlic puree or buy some already made, and you can save so much time by buying naan flatbreads.

In 15 minutes, you can whip up a fresh and healthy meal. You’ll also get to use two different types of tomatoes: sun-dried and fresh. Pair that with slices of mozzarella, and you’ve got the perfect balance of flavors.

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15. Yes, You Can Turn Your Pizza into a Deconstructed Cheeseburger

Full flatbread prepared with kebab meat, grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and spices, served with roasted peppers and hot pickle peppers.

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Okay, this one might not be for everybody. If you love cheeseburgers, why wouldn’t you love this pizza, which is essentially a giant cheeseburger? You can use naan bread and all your traditional cheeseburger fixings: mustard, relish, pickles, ketchup, mayo, and ground beef.

It’s all so good on a bun, so why wouldn’t it taste good on a pizza crust? So little cooking is required once you make the ground beef that this pizza almost makes itself.

16. Pesto? Prosciutto? Arugula? I’m So There!

Top view of Italian pizza with ham, proscuitto, salami, red pepper, mozzarella cheese and pesto with basil garnish on rustic square cutting board.

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I can’t tell you how much I love the ingredients of this pizza. It’s nearly Mediterranean in flavor profile, but it keeps things more subtle by having just a few ingredients. The provolone and prosciutto are perfectly paired with the tomato pesto and arugula.

Pepper seals the deal, which makes this 20-minute pizza a fast dinner anybody can make. If you are looking for a healthy meal to cook with the family, this should be your go-to flatbread.

17. This Pizza Will Satisfy Your Craving for Thai Food

Cheesy Thai pizza with red and white sauce on grill.

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This one might sound different at first, but once you try it, you are going to fall in love. This flatbread is covered in peanut sauce, mozzarella, carrots, sprouts, peanuts, and chicken. You can even make your own crema with coconut for a burst of flavor.

If you love Thai food, this one should be an easy pick. Don’t be put off by the number of required ingredients. This recipe is easy, and even a new cook can put it together in less than half an hour. If it’s an easy Thai-inspired dinner you want, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

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18. These Tiny Apple & Prosciutto Flatbreads Are Adorable (and Delicious)

Top view of sliced Apple Prosciutto Flatbread Pizza Appetizer with Feta on a wooden serving board.

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Honey crisp apples on your pizza might sound like a hard pass at first, but that’s only if you don’t consider the entire flavor profile. In fact, you can throw together an effortlessly chic pizza with apples, prosciutto, goat cheese, and arugula.

This is just one recipe that goes to show that it’s not always about how well you cook but rather what kinds of ingredients you combine. If you’ve never had apples and goat cheese on a flatbread, this recipe will give you a lot to chew on, literally!

19. Sometimes All You Need Is Bacon (and Pizza)

Close-up bacon flatbread pizza garnished with onions served with knife.

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Okay, this one might be cheating. After all, bacon is a crowd-pleaser, and you really can’t lose if you serve this to your loved ones. This flatbread is super crispy, and a key difference is in the soft lavash flatbread used in the recipe.

You can use standard storebought ingredients for this dish, which is going to save you a lot of time when you are trying to serve dinner after a long day at work. Everybody deserves an easy flatbread recipe, and that’s exactly what this is.

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20. Now That You’re a Flatbread Pro, Let’s Step Up the Game

Prosciutto, arugula and cheese flatbread dish baked until crispy and browned served on a wooden serving board.

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If you’ve been making the flatbreads on this list, you are truly a pizza professional by this point. That means you can step up the complexity of your recipes. This one is not much more difficult than others on the list, but it does require you to roast your tomatoes to get the full flavor.

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This dish is very easy to prep, and you can roast the tomatoes ahead of time. You’ll also make a balsamic reduction (though you can also use honey in a pinch).

21. Don’t Be Scared! Give Broccoli Pizza a Try

Close-up vegan pizza with green bean pods, broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, mushrooms, peas, corn, arugula, olives and cheese on wooden board on black background.

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If you are hunting for a pizza rich in vegetables, this one is sure to do the trick. Ree Drummond’s “Broccoli and Tomato Flatbread” pizza is so easy to make because you don’t have to make the dough, and you’ll need just 40 minutes. In fact, the hardest part is browning the broccoli before adding it to the pizza.

Plus, broccoli is not the only veggie you’ll use. You’ll toss in some green olives and grape tomatoes as well. It’s super healthy and tasty!

22. This Recipe Truly Tests My Restraint

Top view of honey lime chicken enchiladas with toppings on a white table bacground.

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Okay, who thought to combine my two favorite foods, pizza, and enchiladas? This recipe makes a few small flatbreads so that each member of the family can customize their own pizza. This also lends itself to crispier crusts.

You can top the flatbreads to your heart’s content with sauce, garnishes, veggies, chicken, and even hot sauce. You might think about adding hot peppers, green onions, red onions, avocado, and enchilada sauce to really make this recipe your own.

Tips for Cooking Flatbread Pizzas

In many flatbread recipes, there are a few key differences. For instance, you might be able to make a flatbread without yeast. In other cases, the differences lie solely in the types of toppings you can use.

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You can also choose the size of your flatbread, which affects the crispiness of your crust.

Additionally, you can always pop on the broiler for just a minute (literally, just one minute) for a crispier crust. You can also remove the pizza from the baking sheet in the final minutes and bake it just a bit longer for a delightful crunch. If you are not interested in making your own flatbread, you can always buy naan and start from there.