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Ooni Koda Pizza Oven Review

Ooni Koda Pizza Oven Review

These days, it’s simple to just order a pizza from a pizza store app and enjoy that pizza at home. But, most of us nowadays are looking to make a pizza at home. This is because it reduces your cost significantly and the taste of homemade pizza with right ingredients gives it another level of taste.

So, why do most people not make pizza at home? The reason is simple, there is a lot of hassle in making pizza. Preparing the dough, sauces, toppings and finally cooking it in the oven at the right temperatures yet, you do not know whether the pizza will taste the way you want or not.

At Piaci Pizza, we not only help you to choose the right store-bought and homemade ingredients such as best Store-bought sauces and best store-bought dough for your pizza, but we also help you to choose the right oven by reviewing them. In this article, we are going to be reviewing Uuni pizza oven’s Koda oven.

Ooni Koda Pizza Oven Reviews

The company Ooni, previously known as Unni, has recently come up with the latest portable gas pizza oven known as Ooni Koda Pizza Oven. This oven has a number features which are:

Ooni Koda Gas Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven
BrandOoni Pizza Oven
Product Weight (lbs.)20 lbs.
Product Material UsedInsulated Steel
Temperature RangeUp to 932°F (500°C)
PowerWood & Gas
Warranty Length3 years
1st Place
Ooni Koda Gas Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven By Ooni
Check Price
Best Value
Ooni Koda 16 Gas Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven By Ooni
Check Price

1. What’s in the Box?

koda box

As you now know how useful this Uuni Pizza oven is for you, let’s have a look at what all things do you get in the koda box.

  • Ooni Koda Pizza Oven (Obviously)
  • A Stone Baking Board – that can attain maximum heat retention with durability
  • Ooni Koda Manual and Ooni Essential Guide that comes with tips and recipes
  • A propane gas tank regulator and hose

2. Setup

Setting up your Uuni Koda Pizza oven is very simple and anyone can do it efficiently. It actually comes completely assembled. Removing it from the box might be an issue but, once you flip it out, you can easily open the folded legs of the oven, then insert the stone baking board and then connect it to the propane tank.

After this, open the valve in your gas propane tank and push the igniter switch in – which is located on the back of the oven. Now, just turn the control knob clockwise till you hear the click. When there is a click sound, the burner is ignited and your oven is getting ready to cook your pizza.

Most of the Ooni Brand’s products are uniquely different and likable to a particular kind of audience. This one is suitable for people who oftenly like to cook outdoors be it at their home garden or any park, a beach, roof or at a party. It can be comfortably carried from one place to another without anyone’s help, it is easy to set up and uses natural gas in the preparation process, all these things make it one of the best portable gas pizza ovens.

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3. Design

800 degree pizza oven

One thing common among all the Ooni Pizza ovens is sleek design and so is true for the Uuni Koda oven. The Unni pizza oven looks stylish and generates great impression among your guests. This oven is made of ceramic fiber-insulated with powder-coated steel shell for superior heat retention and weather resistance. So. it is suitable for indoor as well outdoor cooking.

Unlike Ooni’s other outdoor pizza ovens, this oven does not have a chimney as the entry to the oven is designed to function as a chimney. The oven’s black powder-coat with a carbon steel shell gives it high-temperature resistant and a sharp look. The legs of the oven are twice as long as a commercial pizza oven which allows us easy access to the oven while cooking. You can review our article in detail if you are looking for a commercial pizza oven.

The stone baking board that comes with this oven is 11mm which is the thinnest of all the pizza ovens and so, you need to be cautious when you bake as your pizza might get burnt if you do not control the temperatures. After cooking some pizzas, you will get experience as to how much temperature suits the best for your kind of pizza.

4. Performance

In the start, you might face a little difficulty in terms of managing the temperatures. After a few attempts, you will find the exact time it will take you to cook a pizza and a nack on temperature. It is easier to control the temperature with the control knob that is present in this model of Ooni Pizza Oven. As the temperature set while baking a pizza can be altered by just pushing a knob in the front of the oven. To know more information about the heating capacity of different pizza types and pizza ovens, you can review our detailed guide on Oven Temperature for Pizza.

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Though, this pizza oven does not give a taste of wood-fired pizza, it gives you a reasonably great taste as compared to your regular home baked pizza in the traditional oven. This gas-powered oven develops a line of flames at the back of the interiors of the oven while cooking.

It takes almost 30 minutes to prepare a two-pie 12 inches pizza, a dinner for two, with this pizza oven along with the preheat time. As the oven doesn’t have a door, the cooking space should be large enough for the smoke to pass through. Overall, we found Ooni Koda Ovens performance much better than expected from the sleek small design.

5. Portability

Ooni Koda Pizza Oven Portability

As discussed earlier, the Ooni Koda oven is a portable gas pizza oven which can be easily transported from one place to another without any hassle. In fact, transporting this oven is more simple than transporting every single item in the pizza preparation. As these items might get spoilt.

The three legs of this pizza oven fold into themselves and are less awkward to carry it. Also, it only weighs around 20 pounds and is only 25 inches long due to which it fits in your arms and can be kept anywhere you go like on a picnic table or a sidewalk or a countertop. The safety turn off feature in this oven makes sure that the gas is shut off without any flames.

6. Value

The Ooni Koda Pizza is priced at $299 which is the lowest price in that category of pizza ovens. At this price, the oven is sharply designed to be used in your backyard with minimum smoke. The easy to use feature is one of the most attractive features of this oven. You can prepare a tasty Neapolitan pizza with this pizza oven. If you wish to have a combination of creamy and cheesy flavour on your pizza, you can try out one of these Alfredo sauces. There are many styles of pizzas available in the market, we have reviewed two of the best pizza styles available in the market i.e, Neapolitan and Sicilian style pizzas.

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Since it is a gas-powered oven, you do not have to worry about stocking coal and then feeding the pellet chute, you just need to press a button and the warm-up process starts. Although Ooni Koda Oven is compatible only with natural gas, you can use a natural gas conversion kit by Ooni and use another method instead of gas. The conversion kit is yet not launched by Ooni but is in the testing stage. If you are looking for other gas ovens rather than natural gas, you can go for Propane Gas Pizza Ovens.

Wrapping Up

With the sleek design, attractive look, portability, great tasting pizzas, affordability and the brand, Ooni Koda is one of the best portable pizza ovens. If you are a pizza lover and would love cooking outdoors, then this is the best pizza oven for you. If you wish to cook outdoors but would like to have the authentic wood-fired pizza taste, then you can go for other Uuni brand products like Uuni 3 Pizza oven or Uuni Pro Pizza Oven.