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Pizza stone vs Pizza pan: Which is better?

Pizza stone vs Pizza pan: Which is better?

One of the most common issues that people face while making pizzas at home is that the pizza does not get cooked properly. This mainly includes the lack of proper browning on the crust as well as on the cheese. It happens due to the lack of any heat retention object inside your oven.

While there are many views to overcome this issue, two of the most common ways to properly cook a pizza is either to use a pizza stone or a pizza pan. Both of these work great for cooking pizza while offering slightly different properties. Hence, we are here with a complete pizza stone vs pizza pan comparison.

You can find all of the details regarding pizza stones as well as pizza pans in this article. So, if you also want to cook pizzas properly right at your home, make sure to go through this article until the end.

What is a Pizza Stone and its Use?

Pizza Stone

Just per the name, a pizza stone is essentially a stone slab that is either rectangular or circular depending on the model that you buy. It has a very similar surface and structure to that of stone with small pores on its surface. Since this is a stone, it absorbs and retains a lot of heat when preheated inside your oven. Another benefit of the surface of a pizza stone is that any moisture in the pizza dough gets absorbed by the pores.

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Generally, pizza stones are made out of terra cotta and come in different sizes, including 12 inches and 15 inches. Although not all pizza stones are not similar since lower quality ones can break quite easily, this can happen due to a sudden change in temperature or any accidental drops while using one. There are many types of pizza stones available in the market. We’ve narrowed down to some of the best options in our review of the best pizza stones.

As for using one, it is recommended to keep a pizza stone on the middle rack of your oven and preheat the oven to around 425ºF with the stone inside it before cooking a pizza. Once that is done, you can put your pizza on top of it that will start cooking right away. Since it has a high temperature, the pizza gets a crisp crust with proper browning without burning issues if used correctly. Here’s a guide to the best oven temperature for different types of pizza for your reference.

What is a Pizza Pan and its Use?

Pizza Pan

As you can tell by its name, a pizza pan is quite similar to a standard pan that you would use on a stovetop in your kitchen. Generally, pizza pans are made out of either cast iron or aluminum depending on the model that you get. Just like stone, these metals also absorb and retain the heat generated by your oven. There are many types of pizza pans available in the market. The most popular ones are metallic deep dish pizza ovens. These are multifunctional and work

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Usually, pizza pans come with holes on the bottom and small perforations. These holes are present there to get rid of any excess moisture from your pizza if it has any. Although, if any given pizza pan is thick enough, it will not need these holes due to the high heat retained by these.

When comparing pizza pan vs pizza stone, a pizza pan is much more durable and reliable. This is simply due to the reason that metal is not as fragile as stone. Hence, even if you accidentally drop a pizza pan, it will not break like a pizza stone would. Once you have used your pizza pan, you can easily clean it using any soap since these pans do not absorb liquids as pizza stones do.

Pizza Stone vs Pan: The Real Difference?

Now that you know more about pizza stones as well as pizza pans, the chances are that we have already chosen one of these for your oven. But if you want to make the perfect pizza right at your home, you must know all of the differences between pizza pan vs stone. These differences affect everything related to a pizza, including the way it looks as well as the way it tastes. There are various types of pizzas available in the market. We have reviewed two of the best pizzas, i.e., Neapolitan Pizza and Sicilian Pizza. And while there are various differences between these, here some of the most important pizza stone vs pan differences:

1. Baking the Crust

baking pizza crust

The crust of a pizza is as important as the cheese, sauce, or the toppings of pizza that means that cooking or baking it correctly is highly important. Ideally, a pizza crust should be cooked quickly without burning any of the pizza toppings. Without a pan or a stone, the curst does not get heated properly that leaves it undercooked. Although, with both pizza pans and pizza stones, this issue is solved due to high heat. That being said, pizza stones are slightly better in this regard since they have slightly higher heat.

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2. Convenience Rate

Both pizza stones, as well as pizza pans, allow you to build a pizza right on top of them. Once you have built the pizza, you can move it inside your oven for cooking it right away. And since these retain a lot of heat, they should get cooked pretty fast. Although, if you want to know the convenience rate or the ease of use, then you must also know about the weight of both these options. When comparing pizza stones vs pizza pans, a pan is much lighter that allows you to easily pick it up and move inside an oven whenever needed.

3. Taste Difference

Even though a pizza stone is heavier and takes a long time for preheating, the complete experience is worth it. This is simply due to the reason that there is a major taste difference when comparing pizza pans vs pizza stones. Generally, a pizza stone allows you to bake a pizza that resembles a fire oven pizza in terms of the crust as well as the taste. To get wood flavour taste in your pizza, you can bake in a wood-fired pizza oven. You can review our buying guide for the best wood-fired pizza oven. In fact, since pizza stones hold more heat, they also make for a better option if you are making thick base pizzas in your home oven. For thick base pizzas, you can go for Forno Magnifico Electric Pizza Oven. You can find a detailed review of this oven on the Forno Magnifico Electric Pizza Oven Review page.

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4. Cleaning and Storing Choices

Once you are done baking your pizza, you also have to clean and store away your pizza stone or pan. Hence, checking the cleaning requirements of pizza stone vs pan is highly important. When compared with each other, pizza pans have a smooth surface, and pizza stones have a rougher surface with small pores. Due to this, pizza crust can get stuck to a pizza stone, making it harder to clean compared to pizza pan. Once you have cleaned, storage is also easier with a pizza pan. This is simply due to the reason that these are thinner and lighter compared to a pizza stone, making them easy to store.


There are various ways to get similar results to a fire oven and cooking a pizza properly. This also includes using either a pizza stone or a pizza pan inside your oven for cooking it. But for great results, you must know about both of these as well as their properties. Therefore, we have mentioned the complete comparison of pizza stone vs pan in this article. It has all of the details regarding both pizza stones as well as pizza pans. And all of the differences mentioned in this article can be quite handy while picking up the perfect one for you. That being said, if you are still confused, make sure to leave your thoughts and questions in the comments section down below.