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Pizzacraft Pizzaque PC6500 Outdoor Pizza Oven

Pizzacraft Pizzaque PC6500 Outdoor Pizza Oven

Cooking in the outdoors is a great deal only when you have the right equipment to cook. The most common food that Americans love to cook in the outdoors after steaks and barbecues are hands down pizzas. Therefore it means that you must have the right ingredients as well as the right cooking oven to make sure that you get your pizza right. To make sure that happens, let us introduce you to Pizzaque Pizza Oven reviews in detail.

Pizzacraft Pizzaque PC6500 Outdoor Pizza Oven

Pizzacraft Pizzaque PC6500

The best thing about this pizza oven is it is easily transportable and can be used in the backyard or pack up for camping. If you start the process, the oven requires just 15 minutes to pre-heat to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, and in 6 minutes of duration, the pizza is ready to serve on the plate. If you have already heated the oven, it works for cooking other pizzas without reheating the oven again. 

Dimensions16.7 x 18.2 x 15 (Inches)
Cooking space154 Sq. Inches
Colour/FinishBlack Enamel Coated Steel
Grill Grate/Surface MaterialStone
Grill MaterialPainted Steel
Grill/Smoker FeaturesHeat Thermometer
Fuel TypePropane Tank
Ignition TypePiezo
Product Weight (lb.)25.94
Manufacturer Warranty1 year limited

Features of Pizzacraft Pizzaque PC6500

The Pizzaque PC65000 is the perfect pizza oven that is built for the outdoors. The materials that are used in the oven is what makes it sturdy enough to survive the elements that it gets exposed to in the outdoors. The best part is that cooking with this pizza oven is fast, and that means that you do not have to wait for long intervals to get your pizzas cooked perfectly.

The Pizzacraft Pizzaque Outdoor Pizza oven is a revolutionary pizza oven that is portable and durable. This pizza oven functions with high heat to make crusts crunchy on the outside and chewy from the inside. The best thing that you get with this oven is the pizzeria-quality pizzas at the comfort of your home. If you have a Pizzacraft Pizzaque pizza oven, you can cook a customized pizza according to your needs and taste. 

1. Design

Pizzacraft Pizzaque PC6500 1

When it comes to design, the Pizzacraft Pizzaque pc6500 Pizza Oven is flexible as it can be easily assembled and dismantled according to the use. As this is an outdoor pizza oven, it has been engineered with exceptionally lightweight materials to move it from one place to another without much effort. The dimensions measure 16.7 x 18.2 x 15 (Inches). It also has the leg stand provided to the oven so that it won’t come into contact with the surface. The user can take this device in a box, travel, and easily assemble it. Coming to the complicated part, all you have to do is fix the gas knob to the oven and ensure all the nuts are fixed carefully. If the device is assembled correctly, then you don’t have to worry about anything.

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2. Heats up to 700F

Pizzacraft Pizzaque PC6500 Pizza Oven can heat up to 700F. This is the primary reason as to why it is being opted by many. Many people who bought this pizza oven have been all praise for this very feature as this allows them to cook the pizzas with perfection faster and efficiently as well. This temperature also ensures that your pizza is cooked throughout and it is believed that the ingredients on the top of the pizza bind very well in these temperatures. To know more information about the heating capacity of different pizza ovens, you can review our detailed guide on Best Oven Temperature for Pizza.

3. Performance

Pizzacraft Pizzaque PC6500 Outdoor Pizza Oven

The performance rate of Pizzacraft Pizzaque PC6500 Pizza Oven is way positive as compared to other pizza ovens. This product is a complete surprise as it has multiple features associated with it. As this pizza oven brings a lot of flexibility, it is easily movable and can assemble or dismantle at ease. The user can take this oven to whatever place like a garden, camping, or any other desired location. It is portable, lightweight, and safe, which again increases the performance of this product. Pizzacraft Pizzaque PC6500 Pizza Oven performs the process of pre-heating in just 15 minutes and surprises crispy pizzeria-style pizzas such as Neapolitan and Sicilian style pizzas in only 6 minutes. Moreover, the shape of this product offers the extra-hot cooking environment for traditional-style pies and holds the useful ability up to 25 hours from a 20-lb propane tank. If you are looking for more options in propane pizza ovens, you can review our detail page for the best propane pizza ovens.

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4. Preheats in 15 minutes

Pre-heating is a daunting process when it comes to cooking with ovens or grills. The best part with the Pizzacraft Pizzaque PC6500 Pizza Oven is that the oven pre-heats in almost 15 minutes which gives you just the right amount of time to set up your pizza toppings on the pizza dough. This is also one of the star elements of the pizza oven that makes it a lovable product to buy and use.

5. Adjustability

Pizzacraft Pizzaque PC6500 Pizza Oven Leg Kit

This Pizzacraft Pizzaque PC6500 Pizza Oven has the leg kit adjustability feature. The legs are easily attachable, and it provides stability while cooking. With fitting the leg stand, the oven raises the cooking surface to 40.25 inches from the ground. The legs also feature a base to place a propane tank weighing about 20 pounds which is convenient to tuck under the pizza oven. It has a lightweight and assembled body structure to move from one place to another place quickly. 


If you are looking forward to finding a lightweight product, heating at the highest temperature and easily movable etc., then Pizzacraft Pizzaque PC6500 Outdoor Pizza Oven is the best choice you made for the day. As this is an outdoor pizza oven, you can take it wherever you want to cook. This product is easily washable and can be dismantled easily after use. If you have already made your mind in purchasing this pizza oven, then you are in for a beautiful pizza cooking experience. If you are looking for Pizzacraft another model, you can check our review for Pronto Pizza Oven model in detail.

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