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Roccbox vs Uuni Pro: Which is Best For You?

Roccbox vs Uuni Pro: Which is Best For You?

Pizza is one of those dishes that never tastes the same when it’s homemade. Whether you make your dough, buy a base or use pita bread as an alternative. The problem is that the oven in your kitchen cannot get to the same temperature levels that commercial ovens can. Home ovens typically max out the temperature of about 250°C, so they don’t get hot enough to cook the dough right though. Instead, you get a cooked top and a soggy base.

Ooni (previously called Uuni) was founded to produce the globe’s very first commercial pizza oven the most popular one is Uuni 3 Pizza Oven. After five years, they currently feature a comprehensive range of outdoor pizza oven and also accessories to continue to bring the most effective cooking experience possible to their customers.

Roccbox Pizza Oven, by Gozney, is the portable oven that reaches 932°F to cook a Neapolitan pizza in just 60 seconds. There are many types of pizzas available, we have reviewed the most common and popular pizzas, i.e., Neapolitan pizza and Sicilian Pizza. To know more detail about both the pizzas, you can review on Neapolitan vs Sicilian style Pizzas. As the main supplier of commercial stone and fire ovens, Gozney developed Roccbox due to customer demand, letting you cook the restaurant way in the comfort of your own backyard.

In recent years, the popularity of portable outdoor pizza ovens has grown incredibly. Ooni Pro Pizza Oven (also known as Uuni Pro Pizza Oven) is one of the best pizza ovens out there and considering its price point, Roccbox Pizza Oven seems pretty close to the same price range, so we thought why not compare the difference between these two pizza ovens (Uuni Pro vs Roccbox) in this comprehensive guide. Both the pizza ovens have some considerable amount of fan following, and honestly, they are pretty good pizza ovens.

Roccbox Pizza Oven

Roccbox Pizza Oven

Gozney Roccbox is the world’s first portable pizza oven that reaches 932 ° F to cook a Neapolitan pizza in just 60 seconds.

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As a leading provider of commercial stone and fire ovens, Gozney developed Gozney Roccbox oven for extensive customer demand, allowing them to cook the pizza in the comfort of his backyard. With its growing cult following, Roccbox lets your pizza dough melt the cheese and crunch the crust like never before. You can either use provolone or mozzarella cheese in your pizzas to make one in your Roccbox Pizza Oven.

Gozney Roccbox has transformed the way you cook at home. You can use traditional (wood) and convenience (gas) methods with easily removable burners. Superfast heat, rolling flame, and hot temperatures let you bake broil or broil foods in a fraction of the normal cooking time.

With 86% heat retention, Gozney Roccbox has excellent fuel efficiency and maintains constant temperatures of the baked soil post baking. The built-in thermocouple thermometer makes it easy to monitor oven temperature, and the exclusive touch-safe silicone sleeve protects users from high temperatures. Retractable legs make it easy to store and move around. Remember that the Roccbox Pizza oven cannot be used indoors and should only be used in your gardens or lawns. I saw this because a lot of people have asked me whether the Roccbox pizza oven can be used indoor.


  1. It only comes in 2 designs, so if you’re looking for more options, you won’t find them with this product.
  2. This oven is a little expensive.
  3. It might be a bit challenging to cook specific recipes in this oven that are different from the recipes included with this model.

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Unni Pro Pizza Oven (Ooni Pro)

Unni Pro Pizza Oven (Ooni Pro)

Ooni Pro is the ultimate tool for your kitchen, which is capable of running on Wood, Charcoal and Wood Pellets.

It can reach temperatures of 932 ̊ F in just 20 minutes and can cook a Neapolitan Pizza (up to 16 inches in size) in only matter of 60 seconds. The Ooni Pro 16 Dimensions are 28.8 x 19.2 x 30.7†(73 x 49 x 78cm), so ensure that you have enough space in your resident to fit in this monster. You can also cook a variety of other foods such as meats, vegetables, fish bread and more. 

Ooni Pro Pizza Oven comes with standard wood + charcoal burner. Charcoal is used in the Unni Pro Pizza Oven to provide the maximum heat to the base of the pizza. Just before a pizza goes into the Ooni Pro Pizza Oven, toss it over a couple of wood shavings for some extra flavor and power.

Ooni Pro comes with two doors. The door with thermometer helps you to take a look at oven temperature at a glance. Ooni Pro box contains a ”Letter Box Style Door” which is fully removable, due to that we can quickly put a large piece of bread or meat into it.

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Uuni Pro vs Roccbox: The Real Difference

So, what makes Roccbox different from Ooni pro pizza oven (Ooni pro pizza oven)? Additionally, what are their similarities?

1. Design

Design of Uuni Pro and Roccbox Pizza Oven

Unni Pro Pizza Oven has a removable door which consists of a small window to provide a view of the interior pizza oven. On the other hand, the open door design of the Roccbox offers instant access to the oven quickly at a sacrifice of lower heat retention.

Both Ooni Pro and Roccbox are portable and include adjustable legs that can fold when you are not using it. This provision imparts them an aspect of portability while they’re also suitable for heavy-duty commercial use. In our opinion, both pizza ovens are virtuous and rank highly in our compilation of the best commercial wood-fired pizza ovens. The good part about Roccbox is that, when it is fully extended, the legs provide much space between table and oven.

Ooni Pro Pizza Oven is pretty spacious, which means you can cook large size pizzas without any issues. It has an excellent metallic design, and the overall pizza oven is designed in such a way that it reaches the ideal temperature to cook the pizza faster like Forno Bello Pizza Oven and Medio 28 Bella Pizza Oven.

2. Interior Cooking Space

Interior Cooking Space of Uuni Pro and Roccbox Pizza Oven

Due to the larger body of the Unni Pro Pizza Oven, it offers more cooking space than the Roccbox Pizza Oven. Ooni Pro Pizza Oven is pretty spacious, which means you can cook large size pizzas (i.e. can cook a 16-inch pizza) without any issues. However, you need to be mindful of the high temperature. You must invariably use a pizza peel to handle large pizza coming straight out of a hot wood-fired oven. So, you can quickly prepare a family-sized pizza inside this oven. Ooni Pro can cook other dishes as well such as meats, vegetables, fish bread and more.

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Due to the small cooking size of Roccbox as compared to Unni Pro, it can cook a pizza up to 12-inches. And, Roccbox oven is useful for very few dishes. If you

3. Portability and Ease of Use

Both units can be moved by a single person each at a time, but the Unni Pro oven may require two people for those who have difficulty with weights around 22 to 28 kgs.

The Roccbox Oven weighs around 28 kgs and Ooni Oven weighs around 21 kgs which makes Ooni Oven lighter then Roccbox Oven.

Each oven uses legs that can be removed after use to create a smaller footprint for storage. All components are removable that is attached to the pizza oven.

When it comes to ease of use, burner designs on both units are simple to use and are easy to connect to portable propane tanks. The Roccbox offer a simpler system due to its open-door design. On the other hand, Ooni Pro comes with two doors. The door with thermometer helps you to take a look at oven temperature at a glance. Ooni Pro box contains a ”Letter Box Style Door” which is fully removable, due to that we can easily and quickly put a large piece of bread or meat into it.

4. Size and Weight

The size of both the pizza ovens measure under two-feet, but the Ooni Pro is a bit taller due to the chimney mounted on the unit that extends the overall height to 31-inches. The Roccbox Oven weighs around 62.9 pounds while Unni Pro Oven weighs around 48 pounds. This makes the Reccbox Oven heavier as compared to Uuni Pro Oven.

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5. Cooking fuel

The Roccbox is a wood-fueled and gas-fueled pizza oven. On the other hand, Uuni Pro is a dual-fuel pizza oven, so you can burn charcoal, wood, wood pellets and gas to get the pizza oven started.

Both units use detachable burners, and it has charcoal, wood and charcoal burner by default. The heat-up time for the pizza oven can be around 20-30 minutes due to the use of charcoal and wood, while with the gas burner you can get the oven to the desired temperature within 15-20 minutes. If you are planning to use wood pellets as a fuel or gas fuel, you can get pellet burner and Ooni Gas Burner attachment separately.

Both the pizza ovens have dual fuel options, but if you look at the different choices, then the Ooni Pro comes with more cooking fuel options which is not true for the Roccbox.

6. Cooking Features

Both the pizza oven can reach up to 900 degree Fahrenheit, but Uuni Pro Pizza Oven generates higher temperature as compared to Roccbox Pizza Oven due to the enclosed design. To know more information about the heating capacity of different pizza types and pizza ovens, you can review our detailed guide on Best Oven Temperature for Pizza.

Both pizza oven uses ceramic fiber for insulation. The Roccbox insulation layer is significantly thicker as compared to Ooni Pro which helps to balance the potential heat loss due to its open-door design. Roccbox Pizza Oven uses a baffle plate to help create a rolling flame that distributes the heat equally.

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Both units include an exterior mounted temperature gauge that is color-coded and easy to read.


We hope this comprehensive guide provided you with ample information regarding which pizza oven is best for you. Both the pizza ovens Roccbox Pizza Oven and Uuni Pro Pizza Oven have their own pros and cons, so choose the pizza oven that suits your needs.

If you are interested in just cooking pizzas and roasting meat for a family, then you can go with the Roccbox but if you want to go with the size of the pizza and various types of dishes you can cook in the pizza oven, then the Ooni Pro (Uuni Pro) Pizza Oven is a better investment.