Best Pizza Scissors Review 2020

Pizzas are the best food that you can have on the menu, especially when you are throwing a party. Now if you are going to make your very own pizza you will need pizza dough, pizza sauce, cheese, pizza oven and a pair Pizza scissor to help you cut the large pizza to the desired number of pieces that you want. Well, that does not apply to home-made pizzas alone. Many of the pizza franchise deliveries are now distributing uncut pizza to save time with delivery, and this means that you will have to find something to cut your pizza into perfect slices if you are looking forward to sharing that one pizza or even eating the whole thing. 

Now when it comes to dealing with a pizza scissor, it is a piece of equipment that is perfectly designed to meet your need of cutting the right slices of pizza. However, there are a lot of pizza scissors out there that simply are a waste of time and money. 

So, we went on an exclusive venture to find the best pizza scissor that will meet every need of yours, and at the end of the article, we are sure that you would have found your optimum pair of pizza scissors that will cater to your needs.

Best Pizza Scissors Review 

1. Dream farm Scizza Pizza Scissors

dreamfarm scizza pizza scissors


  • Best design to cut through deep pans.
  • Stainless steel elements to prevent rust.
  • Heat-resistant.
  • BPA free.


  • Spring mechanism needs improvement.


  1. Product Dimensions is 11.5 x 1 x 4 inches
  2. Non-Stick and Pizza Stone Safe Pizza Cutter and Server
  3. Weight of this Dreamfarm Scizza Scissors is 7.8 ounces
  4. Shipping Weight is 8.5 Ounces
  5. Non-Stick nylon base won’t scratch cookware and is heat resistant up to 205°C/ 400°F

Now for those who are looking forward to just get a good deal on the scissors that you are buying off, well this is your best option. The Dreamfarm Scizza is one of the best pizzas cutting scissors that you can get your hands on. Dreamfarm has been producing perfect pizza cutting scissors, and they are named as scizza. Marketing moves to attract more customers, but certainly seems practical and enduring to understand.

The pizza scissor is probably engineered with the best of the best materials to make sure that you will have a cutting utensil that will last long. The blades with which these scissors are made are full of stainless steel, and that means, rust will not form as usual. The handles of the scizza are made with a nylon base to make sure that you have the superior grip, and it is also engineered in such a way that it will resist heat up to 205°C and that means, you will not have to worry about the pizza being so hot. All you need to do is take the scizza and cut away the perfect pieces. 

They are also engineered in the perfect way to make sure that you will be able to cut through pizza of any size and at ease.

2. Fiskars Non-Scratch Kitchen Shears

fiskars non-scratch kitchen shears


  • Well-built design.
  • Nylon base that is heat resistant
  • Very much easy to clean and store.
  • Optimised usage 


  • Build quality can be improved.


  1. Product Dimensions is 12.7 x 5.3 x 0.9 inches
  2. Ideal for cutting pizza, pastries, quesadillas, omelets and more directly on the pan, baking sheet or plate
  3. Weight of this Fiskars Non Scratch Kitchen Shears is 6.4 ounces
  4. Shipping Weight is 7.2 Ounces
  5. Length is 10.5 Inch
  6. Full lifetime warranty

 Fiskars has been in the business of producing cutting utensils for a very long time. They are very well reputed for the shears in the American market mainly because of the full-time warranty that the product comes with. The product is 10.5-inch-long and is a very optimal utensil to cut through pizza slices. The Fiskars non-scratch kitchen sears are designed creatively to make sure that they get the job done of cutting the pizza most effectively ever. The blades are also well-placed, and the whole of the shears sits well in your hands so that it does not slip away while you cut. 

They are also designed in such a way to make sure that the toppings of your pizza are left intact as most of the pizza scissors tend to take away the toppings along with them. The Fiskars non-scratch kitchen shear is not alone apt to pizzas but also anything like a flatbread or stuffed bread to help you with the cutting. To make sure that you can use the shear on a hot pan the end blade is fitted with a nylon base that will help you with the heat and you don’t have to worry about the heat damaging your shears.

3. Spicey Kitchenette Pizza Peel & Pizza Scissors

Spicey Kitchenette Pizza Peel & Pizza Scissors


  • Multi-functional
  • All sizes match
  • High-grade materials used in the peel.


  • Little more rigidity
  • Design can be improved. 


  1. Product Dimensions is 17.8 x 11.6 x 1.5 inches
  2. High grade materials used in the peel and its Multifunctional
  3. Weight of Spicey Kitchenette Pizza Peel & Pizza Scissors is 2.05 pounds
  4. Shipping Weight is 2.05 pounds

Now, this is a product that is entirely a multi-functional one, and that means that the product is not only used for cutting but also comes with a board to hold the whole thing together and make sure that your pizza doesn’t have to be moved around. This is an entirely different product from the other line-up of products that we are familiar with, and this means that you are saving a lot by investing it in a product that serves two purposes. Well, now that we know that the product is a multi-functional one, is it worth the buy?

The pizza peel is said to be made with industry grade bamboo to make sure that the heat is absorbed. This peel can also be used as a makeshift cutting board which is quite a useful product. 

The cutting mechanism is also purely functional. The design is entirely different from the different set of pizza scissors that we see, but it gets the job done. 

There are also various elements like the stainless-steel elements that will help with long cutting lives, and the whole utensil is adaptable and storable in a small place, making it a practical and a conventional pizza scissor. The design is very much useful for pizzas that are hand made or pre-made, and that means you don’t have to look for the perfect pan every single time. 

4. Fante’s 22002 Cousin Gilda’s Pizza Chef’s Scissors

Fante's 22002 Cousin Gilda's Pizza Chef's Scissors 1


  • Child-friendly
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Effortless and functional design


  • Cannot undertake heavy usage.


  1. Product Dimensions is 10.2 x 3 x 0.5 inches
  2. Easily cut deep dish or pan pizza, plain cheese or white pizza, Sicilian or Grandma’s style pie, even whole wheat or gluten free crust
  3. Weight of Fante’s 22002 Scissors is 2.4 ounces
  4. Shipping Weight is 3.2 Ounces

Now, this same product is the definition of simplicity and functionality. Fante made sure that they did not make the whole of the pizza scissor mechanism more complicated when compared to the competition and went ahead with a pretty neat design and fabrication to make sure that the need is met. They have gone with the regular matte black finish to give the perfect style and design that is needed for the scissor. It is made of non-scratch nylon material making it used precisely to cut perfect slices of pizza. The scissors are also equipped with a Sharpless blade setup to make sure that you can make the desired slices correctly without worrying about the sharpness of the blade and this means that your children can also cut a piece of the pizza according to their wish. 

The scissor is also equipped with a spatula tip to live the cut portion of the pizza and place it for serving. Overall, the design and the usage of the Fante’s 22002 Cousin Gilda’s Pizza Chef’s scissors is a perfect piece of simple engineering that will help you get the job done. If you are looking forward to only cutting pizzas and nothing more than that, this is the best option that you can get your hands on. 

5. Stainless Steel Pizza Scissors by Ulee

Stainless Steel Pizza Scissors by Ulee


  • Simple design.
  • Durable materials
  • Compact design 
  • Warranty is very flexible. 


  • Less sharpness sometimes might be challenging to use.


  1. Product Dimensions is 13.6 x 5.5 x 0.8 inches
  2. Made of high quality stainless steel
  3. Weight of Stainless Steel Pizza Scissors by Ulee is 7 ounces
  4. Shipping Weight is 8 Ounces

There are a lot of pizza scissors that you can come across, but there are only a limited set of scissors that serve the purpose. This pizza scissor is equipped with a plastic handle along with it to make sure that you can live the cut off pizza slice like a spatula. This design from Ulee is an efficient one, and it gets the job done. The scissor is made with high-grade materials and top of the class polymers to make sure that you can get the job done correctly. The overall design of the scissor is so ergonomic that you will be able to clean and store the scissor in a proper manner and will not take too much of your space in your storage compartment.

You can also easily clean the whole setup as the entire design can be dismantled, and this means that you can take everything apart, clean it and fix it back. This is probably one of the significant leads as to why you can buy the product. The biggest highlight is the warranty part where the company does not ask you any questions when it comes to dissatisfaction. The company will replace the whole piece without any questions asked.

Pizza Scissors Buying Guide

When it comes to buying a pizza scissor, it is always essential to understand the fact that you need to buy a scissor that is strong and rigid. It must be made up of durable materials as you are going to use the same with food; it has to be made of such a material that it does not contaminate the food. You must always consider the overall design and style of the scissor to make sure that you can cut the pizza into slices of your own choice. 

Also, it is essential to have a design of the scissor in such a way that it does not hurt your hands while you are operating and it must be able to slice through the pizza slices without any worries quickly. 

They must also be compact in design to make sure that they do not take much of the space in the storing cabinet and always make sure that they can be easily cleaned and maintained because you would want this product for a very long time. So here are some of the things that you have to look into before you buy a pizza scissor specifically. 

1. Heat resistance 

When you are dealing with a pizza scissor, it is highly evident that you are going to expose the same to intense heat. It must be made of heat resistant materials like polymers and Teflon to make sure that they do not get affected due to the heat and also make sure to have a fair read to the temperature bearing range of the product to make sure that you don’t end up with a fire hazard in your hand. Usually, the temperature range to hold heat is around 200°C, and this will be pretty optimum enough to handle the heat.

2. Material 

The material is something that weighs in a lot. This is mainly because all these materials will play a significant role in the life of the product. The materials used in the blades need to be stainless steel to make sure that you will not have to get in contact with rust present in the knife. There is a ton load of other requirements in terms of materials in the nylon base used to make sure that the whole of the equipment stands rigid. 

3. Budget 

Any product that you buy, it is essential to work on a perfect budget plan to make sure that you do not spend more than what is required. Good Pizza scissors start from the $6 range, but it is near to critical to make sure that you do not buy something cheap and non-functional. You can always work up your budget a little bit, and this means that you can go as high up to $15, but that definitely would be over the line considering the purpose you are going to use the same for. 

4. Cleaning 

Pizzas come with cheese and grease and that anything that touches the pizza needs cleaning. A pizza scissor must have an effortless design to make sure that you can clean the same by removing the parts and replacing them again for usage. They must also be able to withstand all the cleaning and not snap at the first sign of stress. They must also not be developing rust due to water exposure, and that is the number one reason as to why you need to have a stainless-steel blade.


There are a lot of pizza scissors out there with which you can get the job done of cutting the correct pizza slice. But there is also various involvement of factors like the life of the pizza and even the rigidity of the whole pizza to make sure that the pizza scissor does not wither under stress. Pizza scissors are sometimes very sharp. If you are a family with small kids and you are considering to buy one, make sure that you go with the Sharpless kinds. In that case, even if you were a child were to get hold of the pizza scissor, they won’t hurt themselves with it.

Always look for the ones that have multi-purposes that has built-in additional applications as well. It is all up to you and the budget that you can work with. But as mentioned earlier, try to keep the budget as low as possible because there is a high probability that you would need to replace or lose the whole thing. 

Apart from that, there is an excellent collection of pizza scissors available, and it is totally up to you to make the best choice according to your needs keeping in mind the things that are mentioned in this article. You can check out other accessories like pizza stone and pizza pans that might help you make the best possible pizzas.

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