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Buying Guide: Commercial wood-fired pizza oven

Buying Guide: Commercial wood-fired pizza oven

If you seek to get a delicious and good structured pizza, then selecting the right pizza oven is the very first step that you need to follow. Picking up the right pizza oven from the store is very important to start your venture into cooking the best pizzas for your family and friends. There are a lot of things to look for when you are buying a pizza oven.

 A fuel source, space, volume, pizza type are some of the things that you have to notice when you are buying a pizza oven. Moreover, there are several types of commercial pizza ovens such as Pizza Deck Ovens, Conveyor Pizza Ovens, Brick Ovens, and Pizza Convection Ovens that you can choose from the particular category you want. But despite all that We have found the best commercial pizza oven type for your business and that is none other than the classic wood-fired pizza oven.

What is a wood-fired pizza oven?

wood fired pizza oven

Wood-fired ovens also called wood ovens which use wood as fuel for cooking. It has a chamber where your food is cooked with direct exposure to the fire or the heat source where the wood is burnt. The chamber is required to heat appropriately before you start the process to make sure that your pizza cooks well.

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When you cook pizza with a wood-fired pizza oven, you can reach the highest possible temperature almost easily, provided you have the experience in dealing with such ovens. In a wood-fired oven, the pizza is cooked quickly as compared to other pizza ovens and can be the best when you are hosting pizza parties at your place. If you are looking for more options in wood-fired pizza ovens for hosting pizza parties at your place, can refer our page for best portable wood fired pizza oven.

How is a wood-fired pizza oven different from a Propane Gas Pizza Oven?

Wood-fired pizza ovens effortlessly differ from propane gas ovens. Commercial wood-fired pizza ovens are a little easy to work with, whereas propane gas pizza ovens are a bit tough to work with. This is mainly because wood-fired pizza ovens have an upward flow whereas propane gas pizza sinks towards the ground.

While selecting propane gas pizza ovens, you need to understand that it demands plenty of energy and gets exhausted of fuel very quickly when compared to wood-fired ovens. Bottles of propane are expensive and bring less convenience to the table, and that is the primary reason why they are not preferred very much.

However, it comes with one excellent feature that can make you forget about the price point. It is extremely user-friendly and is pretty easy to clean up when compared to a wood-fired oven where you need to clean the ashes away once you are done with the cooking. But if you are concerned about the pricing and affordability, wood-fired ovens are the best choice you can work with.

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How is a wood-fired pizza oven different from an Electric Pizza Oven?

If you’ve ever used an electric deck oven, all you have to do is turn it on and wait until the temperature averages, and that takes around 20 minutes. But still, you need to keep a regular check whether your pizza is properly prepared or not. And this job could quickly be done by anyone.

However, cooking in a wood-fired pizza oven has its demands. You need to have some experience dealing with cooking pizzas in it, and you need to have some basic knowledge of how much wood you would need to cook a pizza with such ovens.

How to Choose Best Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Ovens?

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Chicago Brick Oven CBO-500 Countertop By Chicago Brick Oven
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3 Chicago Brick Oven CBO-750 Wood Countertop By Chicago Brick Oven
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Your decision to select a new wood-fired pizza oven is likely due to the location where you are going to place the oven, the volume of production it provides, the space it takes up, and even the skills the person displays on it. But these are one of the many things that you need to keep in your mind when you buy any commercial wood-fired pizza oven.

The most important thing about this is that the professionals who work on a wood-fired pizza oven know how to work on it to make sure that they get perfectly cooked pizzas. If you are working on this for the very first time, the chances are that you might end up with uncooked or burnt pizzas, but with practice, you will get a hold of it.

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The best part is that it will turn out to be a massive winning choice for you in the future as a modern oven might be cheaper when you buy it, but in the future, it might turn out to be expensive to maintain.

1. Available Space

Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Saving space is a major concern for every individual. As a commercial wood-fired pizza oven has a vertical shape, it won’t take much of your space in the kitchen area. Moreover, it is easily movable with the wheels at the bottom so that you can cook pizzas wherever you want. Commercial wood-fired commercial pizza ovens are considerably heavy and are supposed to last decades after installation. It is hence imperative for you to stress over the durability aspect of your personal pick. The models CBO-500 and CBO-750 from Chicago Brick Oven, according to us, are top contenders when durability is your top concern. As compared to other pizza ovens, a commercial wood-fired pizza oven is the best in providing utilization space.

2. Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is a budge that you need to consider with a wood-fired commercial pizza oven as it deals with a lot of parameters starting from the quality of the wood, dampness in the wood, and the time it takes to burn a piece of wood. So, when considering fuel-efficiency, you need to make sure that you don’t have many expectations concerning fuel efficiency.

3. Budget

According to other pizza ovens, commercial wood fired pizza oven costs are not that cheap. It provides a lot of features and offers a high-performance design that allows radiant heat, conduction, and convection in outdoor cooking, and that is the primary reason why it comes with a price tag that is adequately justified. If you’re currently in need of a commercial wood-fired oven for your business, the Chicago Brick Oven Americano Terra Cotta is a durable, sturdy yet economical option to consider in comparison to others.

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4. Warranty

The best part of the warranty is that you will be covered with a 2-year warranty plan when you buy wood fired commercial pizza ovens. But if you are maintaining the ovens right, there would be no requirement of a warranty. 


Selecting the right commercial wood-fired pizza oven can be tricky, but there is always a solution to the same. There is a variety of things that you need to consider before buying a commercial wood-fired pizza oven. We have also explained their benefits, and also compared to other types of pizza ovens so that you can select the right pizza oven wisely according to your comfort and ease.

Getting a commercial wood-fired pizza oven will help you in cooking various baking dishes such as baking bread, pizza, and more. The commercial wood fired pizza oven also offers you the comfort of arranging the toppings on your pizza while cooking it without having the toppings to fall off.

I hope you find the right commercial wood fired pizza oven of your dreams and hope this article helped you with that.

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Tuesday 17th of August 2021

Which ovens are nsf-certified or food grade and can be used in a food truck we want wood burning