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Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven Review

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven Review

Nothing makes a family gathering out in the garden with pizzas and cold beers. Well, when it comes to family gatherings, your pizzas need to be hot, and it is not possible with pizzas being delivered to your place. The more orders, the colder pizzas you get.

To solve this for once and for all, why not cook pizzas at home with an Artisan Pizza oven? There are a lot of oven brands that deal with this variety, and I am pretty sure that you might have come across Camp Chef Artisan Pizza Ovens. There are possibly the best pizza ovens that you can get your hands on to make delicious, tasty and fresh pizzas provided you have the right recipe of course!

There are a lot of beautiful aspects added to the Camp Chef Pizza oven that makes it make you want more to make those fresh pizzas. Before you even consider buying pizza ovens, it is highly recommended to go through the specifications of these ovens because chances are they might not be so adaptable to your place of cooking. You can try out other propane gas ovens like Ooni Koda Oven, Roccbox and Ooni Pro Ovens. You can review our page to know the actual difference between Roccbox and Ooni Pro Ovens.

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven Review

italia artisan pizza oven
BrandCamp Chef
Product Weight (lbs.)30 lbs.
Product Material UsedStainless Steel
Temperature Range420 Degree Fahrenheit
Warranty Length1 Year

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Distinct Features of Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

1. Overall Build Quality 

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza

When it comes to using ovens, especially for making Neapolitan and Sicilian style pizzas, it is highly essential to know the build quality because it is highly probable that you are using the oven in an open place exposed to the elements. The materials that are used in the pizza oven from Camp Chef Italia is very rigid and solid. The engineering that is used in the pizza oven is highly state-of-the-art to make sure to replicate the brick oven environment and have the perfect cook for your pizza.

The interior of the oven is made with a double-seal environment to make sure that there is efficient heat dynamics to make sure that they even get adequately heated and also maintain heating efficiency. This contributes to practical cooking of pizzas inside the oven.

2. Control Interface 

When it comes to an appliance like the pizza oven from Camp chef Italia Artisan, it is highly essential to have a proper control feature. Control feature is the predominant aspect of the oven, and that will make sure whether you will be able to control the flames inside the oven effectively. With this, you can adequately control the heating of the oven that is pretty much important if you are looking forward to perfectly cooked pizzas rather than undercooked or burnt ones.

There is a built-in valve that acts as the predominant control feature of the Camp Chef Italian Artisan Pizza oven. This valve will help you control the inlet of the propane gas needed for the flames, and with this, you can conserve the propane gas as well. The Micro-adjust feature is the next one that will help in adjusting the heat to the specific temperature, and this is very important to cook perfect pizzas with the pizza oven.

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3. 17000 BTU Burner

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Burner

We all know that the burner is one of the essential elements of a pizza oven. There is a lot of definite attention given to the burner element to make sure that the burner performs its function effectively and efficiently. Most of the pizza ovens that you see in the market come with a standard set of burners that has a max limit of 15000 BTU and is comparatively small and takes more time to cook. But this Italia Artisan pizza oven is equipped with a 17,000 BTU burner to make sure that you cook perfect pizzas effectively and faster.

4. Wide Temperature Range 

So, when it comes to pizza ovens, it is essential to have the correct temperature ranges to make sure that the pizza gets cooked throughout. Most of the pizza ovens come with a standard set of temperatures which are not much flexible for cooking anything other than pizzas. Well, with the Italia Artisan pizza oven it is beneficial with a wide range of temperatures that you are exposed to. With which you can cook not only pizzas but also different varieties of food that are bread-based. This will also help you in making sure that you have perfect control over the cooking process, which makes the pizza oven more practical.

5. Reduced Pre-Heating Time 

We all know ovens take time to heat up and come to their maximum efficiency. Usually, it takes more than 20 minutes to preheat the ovens that are available in the market, and this means that it consumes more propane or fuel than usual, making it a highly expensive affair. With the Camp Chef Artisan Pizza oven that would not be a problem, because the oven would be able to get ready and cook within 15 minutes, which is an excellent performance time range.

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6. Built-in Ignition and Thermometer

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza

Most of the ovens that are available in the market miss a very standard feature that is pretty much needed for a device like a pizza oven, the thermometer. Camp Chef pizza ovens however made sure that they covered more market by adding the built-in thermometer feature with which you would be able to have a record of the temperature appropriately and cook effectively. If you are want to check the temperature inside the pizza oven you need to buy a specific pizza oven thermometer. The Pizza oven also comes with a built-in ignition to fire up the oven so that you don’t have to depend on an ignition source.

7. Compatible with Regular and Disposable Propane Tanks 

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza

Propane is what drives these pizza ovens, and that means they need to be available every time you are trying to cook your pizza on the backyard. The advantage that the pizza oven from Camp Chef Italia Artisan ovens is that it has a two-way feature where it is compatible with a portable pizza oven as well as a standard regular propane tank. This is one of the features that is abundantly missing with the competitors of the pizza oven and compared to the price valuation; it looks like a perfect steal. If you are looking for more options in propane gas ovens, you can review our article on best propane gas ovens, in which we have compared in detail about two of the best ovens in the market.

Best Features of the Oven

1. Premium Features for a Better Price Valuation

The Camp Chef Italia Pizza Artisan oven is packed with a lot of features that give them a competitive edge over its competitors in the market. The features like the built-in ignition system are something that is of high value in terms of features. The thermometer feature also makes sure that you have a comfortable cooking experience. The compatibility of the pizza oven with regular and disposable propane tanks is a noteworthy one.

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2. Compact and Sleek Design

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza

This is probably one of the pros that make the oven survive the market. The Camp Chef Italia Pizza Oven comes with a perfect design, and the overall compactness of the device makes it a highly reliable one. This means that it is super great for travelling and picnics and you don’t have to cram the boot space of your car with the oven.

3. Comfortable Price to Pay

The price is a lot better and efficient when it comes to other pizza ovens that are available in the market. The features that are available with this Italia Artisan pizza oven is more than a steal when compared to the price that you will have to pay for the oven. With a flexible price tag, it will be an excellent and worthful investment for your outdoor and family gatherings.

What Could be Improved 

1. Gas Valve Needs Improvement

Many of the people who bought the product have this as a common complaint. The gas valve knob does not have a longer life as expected. The gas valve is a cost-cutting feature that the company had incorporated into the overall device. Still, however, the quality and the operational effectiveness can be turned up a notch in the existing price valuation.

2. Door Handle Improvement

There is a lot of progress that needs to be incorporated into the product when it comes to the oven door handles. Cost-cutting is also effectively evident with the construction and the materials used in the door handles of the oven. The door handle is a pretty integral part can help with some reinforcements.

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The Camp chef pizza is a pizza oven that has a lot of features loaded into it, which makes it an apt addition to your outdoor experience. The overall cooking experience is also pretty useful and efficient, which makes it a popular choice in the market. Apart from some common cost-cutting elements in the device, the Italia Artisan oven from Camp chef range of pizza ovens is definitely worth the buy and a perfect addition to help you with your cooking adventures. For the people who like cooking meals in the outdoors or during the camping, can look for Camp Chef Oven for some delicious meal with minimal efforts and minimal price.