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Camp Chef Oven Review – Outdoor Camp Oven

Camp Chef Oven Review – Outdoor Camp Oven

Baked, cooked, fried all at once. How? With an outdoor camp oven as it has an oven as well as a stove. So, you can cook your delicious recipes on the stove while your other recipes are getting baked in the oven below. Isn’t that exciting? With Camp Chef’s Outdoor Camp Oven, you can go camping with an oven with a stove which is easy to carry anywhere.

It might be difficult to find healthy, delicious as well as your favorite food while you are camping. With Camp Chef Outdoor Oven, you can easily prepare your recipes for yourself. It is Portable Propane Camping Oven which allows you to cook and bake with least smoke in the area. If you are not a fan of propane ovens, then you can go for some of the best portable wood fired pizza ovens.

Camp Chef Portable Outdoor Camp Oven Review

What is a Portable Propane Camping Oven? – A portable propane oven is an upgraded version of a camping stove which has an oven attached. This propane camp oven is a two-in-one oven i.e. it’s a Camp Chef propane camp oven with a stove.

Both the stove and the oven can be used independently so, if you wish to use only the oven or only stove or both together, you can do any of them. The Camp Chef portable oven works in the same fashion as that of your home oven. If you own an outdoor kitchen, then too, you can use this propane camp oven in your kitchen. If you are looking for options in gas ovens, you can review our article on best propane gas ovens, in which we have compared in detail about two of the best ovens in the market.

camp oven reviews
BrandCamp Chef
Product Weight (lbs.)32 lbs.
Oven Material UsedStainless Steel
Stove MaterialBrass
Oven Temperature Range400 Degrees Fahrenheit
Stove Temperature Range9000 BTUs per stove
PowerPropane Gas
Warranty Length1 Year

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The brand Camp Chef emphasizes on the fact that their ovens are tested and have been approved for outdoor use only and so is this Camp Chef Outdoor Oven. The brand’s ovens must only be used outdoors as there is a risk of carbon monoxide spreading all over the house or it may also cause a fire if used indoors.

1. What’s in the Box?

So, you now know how much efficient and effective the outdoor camp oven is for you. Now, let’s take a look at what all comes in the box when you buy Camp Chef’s Outdoor Oven. 

  • The oven with 2-burner stove at the top (Obviously)
  • A regulator
  • 2 racks for the oven
  • Coven – Parts Listing Manual

2. Setup

Camp Chef Portable Outdoor Camp Oven

Setting up this oven was quite simple. With the Coven’s manual with images and steps, you can easily set up the oven with stovetop. There might be a little issue while connecting the regulator with the oven. Try it a few times with the same method and it will work out well. You get a Built-in oven heat gauge in this oven along with the 2 racks in it which can be used together or you can also remove the rack for larger space.

3. Propane Camp Oven

With this propane oven, you can cook anything as you cook at home. The stove above has a 2-burner range where you can fry, cook and boil your food. The pizzas baked in this oven are crispier as the oven heats up quickly. However, you need to be mindful of the high temperature. You must invariably use a pizza peel to handle large pizza coming straight out of a hot Cam Chef Portable oven. When you go camping, you might require several disposable propane tanks. The number of tanks you will require depends upon the number of days you are going to stay at the campsite. A single disposable bottle lasts for 6 to 7 hours when in use. The enamel cooking surface is non-stick and can be easily cleaned.

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While you use the oven along with the stove, it won’t allow you to choose the temperatures, you can choose between high and low temperatures to bake. The propane stove is also easier to use as it has a matchless ignition system. The insulation in this oven is designed to bake more with less fuel and the oven heats up faster so as to bake the dish quickly. So, we recommend keeping it away from children and pets.

4. Size

Camp Chef Portable Outdoor Camp Oven

The oven internally measures around 10x16x10 inches and allows a pan (standard frying pan or casserole pan) of around 9×13 inches that fits on each removable oven rack. There are many types of pizza pans available in the market. You can review our article in detail for the Best Deep Dish Pizza Pan. This means you can cook up to 12 inches of pizza in this camp oven. For oven as well as for stove, you get a fully adjustable heat-control dial.

Though it is a small propane oven, it has the ability to cook an entire course of a meal for a family. With 2 racks and 2 burners, you can cook 3-4 dishes at a given point of time. The height of this camp oven is a bit low, so if a tall person is cooking then they might find it difficult to use.

The burners on the top come with a lid that allows you to cover the stove up to avoid flames to blow up when there is wind or to avoid any dirt particles entering the dish. You cannot accommodate two large pans on the stove at the same time.

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5. Efficiency

The Camp Chef camping oven with stove is highly insulated for holding in the heat as much as possible. You can connect the propane tank with a direct hookup from the backside of the oven. If you wish to run a line to a larger propane gas tank, then you can additionally purchase an adapter hose.

This camping oven’s range burns at 7500 BTU per burner and the oven burns at 3000 BTU per hour and can reach maximum upto 400 degree fahrenheit unlike other portable gas ovens like Ooni Koda pizza oven that reach upto 932 degrees fahrenheit. When not in use, you must store the oven in a bag or a case to avoid any dents or scratches on it.

It is different from a household oven as the household oven needs to be preheated to reach an acceptable temperature whereas a camp oven is built to consume least fuel and so, you do not need to preheat the oven, you can directly start the cooking process.

6. Portability

Camp Chef Portable Outdoor Camp Oven

The Camp Chef portable oven weighs around 35 pounds and comes with sturdy handles on both the sides to carry it from one place to another. Even after the baking is done, the oven stays cool on the outside for you to be able to carry it everywhere.

You can alone carry it but, it will be better if 2 people carry it while moving and setting it up. The folding lid on the top of this oven has a 3-sided windscreen to keep a track of your food that is getting cooked. This makes the work easier and more efficient.

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7. Ventilation

Any product that deals with fuel requires enough ventilation around. As the company suggests all its products are for outdoor use only, so is true for Camp Chef Outdoor Oven. it cannot be used indoors as it releases carbon monoxide which is dangerous for health or it may cause fire.

Also, while using the camping oven outdoors, make sure that the rear bottom of the unit is given some space for ventilation as the oven vents out its heat from that area. The oven can be kept on a plastic table while baking just the rear bottom space of the unit must be taken care of.

Wrapping Up

While you are outdoors or camping, why would you not want to have some delicious meal? Everybody wishes to have a good meal to keep going. The Camp Chef’s Outdoor Camping Oven helps you do so with minimal efforts and minimal price. If you are a fan of this brand, there are other Camp Chef Ovens that we have reviewed as well. You can find the detailed review of Camp Chef Artisan Italian Pizza on our website. For the people who like cooking meals in the outdoors but do not wish to have a camping oven, can look for commercial pizza ovens that help you cook quickly in your backyard or a small party on a beach.