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La Hacienda Pizza Oven Review

La Hacienda Pizza Oven Review

When it comes to any family gathering or a party with friends, there is one thing that is constant, Pizza! There are a lot of different ways and methods that are available in the market with which you can cook pizzas, and you will definitely be blown away by the options that you have. But if you are looking forward to getting a pizza oven set in the outdoors, we have got the perfect pizza oven for you. Presenting you with the La Hacienda Pizza Oven. 

La Hacienda Steel Pizza Oven and Smoker Review

La Hacienda Steel Pizza Oven and Smoker Review
BrandWisco Industries Inc.
Product Weight19 lbs
Indoor/Outdoor Use Outdoor use only
Colour OptionBlack stainless steel
Materials usedDurable Material 
Fuel Wood burning, wood not included
WarrantyOne year


  1. Solid construction.
  2. Sleek modern design.
  3. Wood fired pizzas. 
  4. Best adaptable to smaller space.
  5. Long life.


  1. The device has no automatic features.  
  2. Handle quality needs to be improved.

La Hacienda multi-function outdoor pizza oven also called the Lorenzo oven is the perfect pizza making equipment for those who love to cook pizza at home. This multi-function oven is constructed from durable steel along with the finishing of stylish black-coated paint with stainless steel flue. This oven is the best way to make a foray into outdoor pizza cooking. As it is a multi-function oven, you can also cook BBQ style smoke fish and meats. La Hacienda Pizza features a temperature gauge to cook the pizza perfectly, wire bottom shelf to store your logs on neatly, ashtray, air vents, flue damper, and cordierite pizza stone. 

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1. Setup

Mostly suited in the open environment, La Hacienda Pizza has a fantastic setup feature as it includes a lot of elements that will help you to cook perfect pizzas. The setup of this pizza oven is not complicated and be easily assembled. It consists of an ashtray, air vents, flue damper, and much more to make sure that you cook free and clean. So if you are cooking your pizza in a garden or a passage, the La Hacienda Pizza oven makes sure to keep the place clean and tidy. This oven is very easy to clean as you can easily open up the parts, get them cleaned, and assemble them back. 

2. Design

La Hacienda Pizza Oven brings a lavish look. This oven is constructed from durable steel along with the use of stainless steel inserts that pulls off the classy look. It looks vintage and stylish with a black coated high temperature finishing all over the equipment. The best part about this product is it has wheels so the user can easily move the equipment wherever they want to. At the bottom of the equipment, there is a space provided to keep the utensils and ingredients. This is a product that serves the purpose of cooking perfect pizzas such as Neapolitan Pizza and Sicilian Pizzas and helping you with the storage aspect as well.

La Hacienda Steel Pizza Oven and Smoker Review

3. Performance

The performance rate of La Hacienda Pizza is outstanding. The reason behind the positive reviews of La Hacienda is the multi-functionality feature, and the quality equipment used to make this product robust and 100% efficient while cooking. La Hacienda pizza oven offers 100% comfort for the users right from cooking the pizza at the highest temperature to properly cleaning the device after finishing. As this device is easily assembled, you can also take out the individual parts of the device and clean it at ease. It won’t take much space if you dismantle the devices when not in use. 

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4. Adjustability

In La Hacienda Pizza Oven, every pizza that goes into the machine makes sure to surprise you with the perfect dish. However, there is one thing that has been compromised, it has minimal automation, and that means that most of the pizza cooking process with the oven has to be done manually. Apart from that, the La Hacienda Pizza oven has several features and functionalities that make it a comfortable cooking space. It has a chimney that alerts the users about the status of the cook and stabilizes oxygen flow reaching the temperature up to 550 degrees celsius. This vintage-looking pizza oven is completely suitable for users who believe in cooking outside with wood-burnt smoky food in a pleasant environment. 


The design of the La Hacienda Pizza Oven is the best thing you can get if you have a lawn or a garden at your place. If you are looking forward to finding the best suitable oven to bake pizza at the lawn, then La Hacienda Pizza Oven is the best option for you to get this lavish vintage-looking device. The only flaws with this device are transportation, but it is easily movable with the support of wheels. If you are looking for pizza ovens that you can move easily, you might want to read our reviews on portable pizza ovens.

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The La Hacienda Pizza Oven is considered as one of the best segments of pizza ovens with all the bells and whistles to keep you alert in cooking the perfect pizza. The quality built inside is excellent when it comes to the comparison with door handles and price tag. If you have already made your mind about getting this pizza oven that has all the essential features and is affordable in price, this La Hacienda Pizza Oven is the best choice for you. As this is a multi-function device, you can bake several BBQ style dishes. It takes minimal effort and price.