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Breville Pizza Oven Review

Breville Pizza Oven Review

We all long for the perfect pizza especially during game nights and movie nights. But when it comes to buying pizzas from your local pizza shop, it is sometimes so frustrating to see that the pizza that you get is cold and flavorless by the time you open the pizza box to take a bite. Why go through so much frustration and flavour-lacking accidents when you can make the perfect pizzas at home with the best pizza maker that is available in the American Market.

Meet the Breville Pizza oven, every pizza lover’s fantasy. The oven that is equipped with all the requirements to make sure that you make the tastiest pizzas on the planet. With a dual side heating element built into the oven, you will be able to get the perfect crust and the amazingly cooked pizzas with the Breville Pizza oven. There are a lot of interesting features that are available with the oven that makes it one of the most bought pizza ovens in the American market. With a counter-top design and unique styling on the outer part of the oven, you will be buying the best pizza oven that is going to add style and comfort to your kitchen.

Breville Pizza Maker Reviews

Breville Pizza Maker Reviews
Product Weight (lbs.)14.11 lbs
Product Material UsedCeramic / Stainless Steel
Temperature Range660 Degrees Fahrenheit
PowerElectric Oven
Warranty Length1 Year
Voltage110 – 120 V

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Features of Breville Pizza Maker

One thing that puts Breville pizza oven apart is its design and its unique features explained below.

When it comes to the overall design of the pizza oven, you can see that this one comes in the classic round design to make it more appealing to look like a pizza oven. The detailing that is at the top of the Breville pizza oven is very simple. The top of the oven however has got the controls that would help you adjust the temperatures and the entire design is supported with handles at both the ends to make sure that you do not have to strain to move things around. There are also a lot of other elements like the stainless-steel outer body that gives a shiny glossy finish adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the Breville Pizza Oven.

The use of the stainless steel material as the construction material helps out in adding the aesthetic appeal as well as act as a medium that does not attract rust. When you speak about the features of the oven, it is made with high-quality ceramic that will help you in cooking your pizza like in a brick-fired oven. The other main idea of using the dual-heating element allows to make sure that you have an even distribution of heat to make sure you make the best pizzas with the oven.

The oven also has the settings for cooking thin crusts, medium crusts and thick crusts depending upon your requirements. Breville pizza oven’s over-the-counter design helps it to function smoothly and it’s easy to use feature makes it an overall hit. Most of the users of the Breville oven are satisfied that they have an oven that makes them the perfect pizzas.

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1. Dual Heating Element

Breville Pizza Oven

Any oven that you use, must have a proper design to cook your pizzas the perfect way and the Breville pizza oven has nailed it when it comes to that. The oven is made up of a dual heating element that will help you cook your pizza thoroughly and perfectly.

The heating elements are one of the best in the market and are designed in such a way that they replicate the interior of a brick oven that is used to make pizzas.

2. Settings for Thin, Medium and Thick Crusts

Not many of the pizza ovens that you see come with this feature and this is mainly because of the cost with which most of them sell in the American market. The Breville oven comes with this feature where you can cook any kind of crust and all you have to do is turn the knob towards the type of crust you are looking for. But if you are going for a crust setup then also make sure you prepare the dough accordingly. If you use the wrong amount of dough, it might end up burnt. You can also cook Neapolitan style and Sicilian style pizzas in this pizza oven.

3. Built-In 12†Diameter

How to Use The Breville Pizza Maker

Breville Pizza Maker Recipes

When it comes to using the Breville pizza maker, there are certain things that you would need to keep under consideration and one of the most important aspects is to know how to properly use it. If you do not follow the proper methods to cook the pizza in the Breville pizza oven, you might end up with a burnt pizza. Also, you must make sure that you have got the ingredients right too for your pizza recipe. You will get a thorough idea about the whole process of using the Breville Pizza oven in this section.

Preparation Process

  1. Before you start making the dough of the pizza, make sure to pre-heat the pizza oven.
  2. To pre-heat the pizza oven, all you have to do is in the temperature setting bar, set it to pre-heat option and leave it for thirty solid minutes.
  3. This 30-minute time interval is where you can shape the dough and arrange your pizza.

Dough Shaping Process

Caution: Do not shape the dough on the counter.
  1. When you are using the dough, make sure it’s fermented
  2. Now we know that the pizza oven can make only 11-inch pizzas. So, trace out an 11-inch circle on a peel and place parchment paper over it. Use the circle as a reference to make the dough base of your pizza. Make sure that you are under the limits of the circle as you don’t want the crust to stick to the sides of the pizza oven.
  3. Use flour to shape the dough evenly and also make sure that your dough doesn’t have more water as it tends to stick to the base of the oven.
  4. Add in your favourite toppings and remember the more toppings that you use, the more time it will take for the pizza to cook properly. If you don’t want to make pizza dough at home, you can go for the best store-bought pizza dough available in the market.
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Cooking Process

  1. Once the oven is pre-heated make sure to use oven mitts to slip the prepared pizza onto the oven base because it will be super-hot (we pre-heated remember?).
  2. Slip the dough along with the parchment paper (check the difference between parchment and butcher paper) into the base and get the parchment removed within a two-minute interval as within that time period, the base starts to solidify and you can remove the parchment with ease.
  3. The company claims that the pizza oven takes about six minutes to cook the pizza, but that depends totally on the ingredients that you use and the type of crust you are expecting out of your pizza.
  4. The average time that takes to cook pizzas in the Breville pizza oven is around 8 minutes. But if you have loaded the pizza with heavy toppings, it can go up to 10 to 12 minutes.

Once the cooking is done remove the pizza out from the oven and place it on the counter and cut into slices. Do not cut the pizza inside the oven as it may damage the stone. You might also end up getting your hands burnt.

There are some don’ts that you need to follow strictly to make sure your cooking process is safe.

  1. Do not place anything over the oven as it might get heated up and start a fire.
  2. Do not use the oven without the stone, if the stone is damaged, replace the stone and then use.  Check our Review on Best Pizza Stones to replace your old pizza oven stone.
  3. Do not clean the pizza oven with metal scraps as fragments of the scraps can get deposited in the gaps and can pose as a fire hazard when it is operated.
  4. Do not touch any part other than the insulated handle as all of them tend to get pretty hot when they are under operation. Always use mitts to transfer pizzas.
  5. The pizza is not meant to be used with packaged items.
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Pros and Cons Of the Breville Pizza Oven

Breville Pizza Maker Reviews

The Breville pizza oven is definitely the type of pizza oven anyone would want to have in their kitchen owing to the immense adaptability and the ease in cooking with the pizza oven. The Pizza oven also being a counter-top appliance has been the selling factor as people in the American market want products that are small and compact and does not occupy much of your space.

Pros of Breville Pizza Oven

1. Elegant designing

The overall look and feel of the Breville pizza oven are one of the best points that a buyer can consider. There are a lot of design elements like the stainless steel finish and the use of ceramic inside giving it an authentic and appealing look. The design also aids to the well built dual heating elements inside the oven.

2. Easy to cook

When it comes to the cooking part, the Breville pizza oven is a clean winner as it is very easy to cook when you take the necessary precautions. It might take a try or two to get adapted to the overall working, but with practise, you will find it super easy to cook in the Breville pizza oven.

3. Time to cook

The time taken to cook pizzas lie around somewhere between 8 to 10 minutes which is a pretty good time duration for a pizza to cook. Well this is possible with thirty minutes of pre-heating, but however it is pretty fast when compared to other products in the market.

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Cons of Breville Pizza Maker

1. Size limitation

Well, the bummer point of the Breville pizza oven is that you will have to constrain to the 12†sizes of your pizza and this means that you cannot make huge pizzas which is pretty much a common thing to see in family gatherings. Well, taking into consideration the time it takes to cook one pizza, two pizzas won’t consume much of your time.

2. Possible caution

When you are dealing with the Breville pizza oven, you definitely need to take caution especially making sure not to touch the surfaces of the oven other than the insulated handle. It is not much a cause of concern, but you being not cautious will lead to more hazards with the Breville pizza oven.

Wrapping Up

The Breville pizza oven comes with all the requirements that you need to make sure that you make the perfect pizzas the easy way. The pizza oven is a pro when it comes to user-friendliness and that means that you can make super-hot perfect pizzas the right way. The overall build quality of the oven is really good making it the perfect one to get the job done. Most of the components of the Breville pizza oven are built-to-last and so, they are a worthy investment to get the job done. If you want to look more options in an electric pizza oven, you can review our page for the best electric pizza oven.

If you are looking forward to making perfect pizzas at home at an affordable investment, you are looking at the perfect pizza oven according to your requirements.

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